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    Default Cover scent concentrates vs the real thing?

    So, LS is out of my favorite cover, which is Armani Code. I love that shit. I got it on ebay from a

    power seller and it looks genuine, so I've no reason to believe otherwise. Three sprays divided by my two wrists

    and I can barely smell the stuff!

    I'm use to doing about 12 inches of the roll on for each wrist to cover my A7.

    Anyone have any idea what the conversion rate would be to the retail concentration? I don't want to overdo it,

    but I've got a date on Wed that I want to wear this cover for. If I can't figure it out by then, I'll have to

    use Pheros as a cover, which isn't a bad thing...

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    The L-S scent was probably more

    concentrated, many commercial scents are pretty weak.

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