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    Default New to Mones, 1 Wk in

    I'm new

    to mones and I have a few curiosities and questions.

    First, I bought:

    Sample paks of

    TE, AE, Cha, and Perc

    For my first week, I put 1 drop of A314 on my wrist, used my other wrist to smear it and

    then distribute to my neck pulse pts using wrists. I also rubbed my wrists a little bit on the back of my hands. I

    then put 3 inches of SOE on each wrist and each pulse points of neck. Then I covered with my cologne (Chase -

    Abercrombie & Fitch).

    I do feel like there were times where I felt that some female co-wokers treated me in a

    nicer way. But I'm not sure if it's reality or my mind making it real. Is it the mones truely working or is it

    b/c I want it to happen and think it will? Kind of like people taking a particular vitamine supplement b/c they

    heard it does such and such for you...and then the person's mind being influenced and thinking "yeah...I can see

    better now...or I have better energy now..." b/c of the placebo affect.

    You're looking for certain things now

    that you may have not looked for before even though they were always there.

    Also, should I store these mones in

    the fridge? I am gone from my home sometimes for a week or two and I don't keep my air conditioner on. The house

    gets hot and I was wondering if that would affect my mones negatively.

    If I'm walking around and come up to a

    co-worker to talk to them about a certain long does it usually take in your opinion for my presence w/

    mones to affect them? A minute? Immediately? 10 min?

    And lastly, I see that these mones are all synsethetic

    hormones...the rone's, the nol's, the none's, and the dienone's (a1). Is there any question as to synsethetic

    hormones being exactly as effective as real hormone scents? I guess it would be imposible to harness actual, real

    human hormones and bottle them.

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    Welcome to the forum LP, hope

    you got your A7, its one of my favorites.

    You have a great batch of product there! I see that you've

    already started mixing, but if possible wear a single product like SoE or C7 on their own for a while to see what

    they do. It'll help you mix more intelligently later.

    As for effectiveness, you'll know it when you see it,

    and there'll be no doubt as to pheromones' effect. You may have already seen it (above), but as you move forward

    you'll see evidence. Don't worry about the placebo effect, its probably there but can be used to your advantage.

    If you have a psychological edge you'll feel better and act better.

    Synth. pheromones are many many times

    stronger than the natural human variety, hence the common phrase here "less is more", or "start small and work up".

    Just one OD and you'll know.

    There was a Dr. who did extract human -mones to great effect, named

    Jekyll... or Hyde, can't remember. There was a movie, he was the guy running around scaring people. Guess he

    forgot to cover.

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    Default none

    " long does it

    usually take in your opinion for my presence w/ mones to affect them? A minute? Immediately? 10


    Immediately!! Good luck with it and have fun.
    There is a cure for electile dysfuntion!!!!

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