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    Default Got Questions? Read Here!

    Since this

    forum is all about exchange of information and helping each other, its great to have a place to ask questions and

    seek advice. However, a lot of the same questions are asked over and over again, when the answer is only a click

    away if you know where to look. In fact, a huge majority of questions would be answered right here if you take the

    time to read about what you've just spent your hard-earned money on.

    So, I figured I'd start this thread,

    where anyone can learn something about how to research the forum for information. There's more here than you can

    imagine, if only you poke around a bit.

    The first place to look is here:
    (all links go directly to the page


    **The Pherolibrary**

    There is a huge amount of info there,

    including a great Newbie FAQ This should be required reading

    before any first post since it answers just about any basic question a new user might have. After reading that you

    should make time to read through the

    Cookbook. Its an excellent introduction

    to starting up and getting results.

    Also in the Library is the

    Product Guide, which has links

    to specific information on individual products, including contents (when available), carrier, application and combo

    suggestions, etc etc.

    The next stop in your tour should be the

    Product Table, which is in spreadsheet form and is

    a quick reference guide that can be printed out and easily referenced on-the-fly.

    Also among the stacks are a

    list of Abbreviations, a long list of links to

    Pheromone Research, articles such as

    What are Pheromones?,

    Using the Newbie Kit and others.

    If that's not

    enough, over by the vending machines there is the

    Introduction section where you'll find

    invaluable info on specific Pheromones, like



    Androsterone, etc etc. Want to know which

    Pheromone does what? Look here.

    It should be obvious at this point that simply by doing a little reading you'll

    find all the information you can handle. In fact, you can find out just about anything you want to know just by

    clicking on one of the dozen links above. I'm not exaggerating!

    Next place to look is:


    The Love-Scent Store **

    This should be obvious but the Library info sometimes

    is out of date, and the Store will give you the latest available info. While you're there, you can pick up a bottle

    of that SoE you're almost out of.

    Next up, the

    Search Function. Looking for something

    specific? Use the Advanced Search and you can filter and sort your search by a number of parameters. I've used this

    tool many times when I wanted some member feedback on a product or combo.

    The point of this post is not to

    discourage questions. As a group we're a good bunch, and have many, many knowledgeable and helpful members who are

    always willing to post replies.

    The point is to encourage new (and old) members to use the tools available for

    your own research. The key to a good answer is an informed question. Be informed!

    Last but certainly not least,

    everyone who spends any time here should check in at this thread for some guidelines.

    Forum Rules and Courtesy. Most of us needn't be

    reminded, but its a good idea to know the very few and very reasonable guidelines for forum behavior. We're a

    community, a pretty nice one at that, let's all keep it that way.

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    agreed, the forum is a

    great place to get answers. i see a lot of the same questions asked over and over again and yes, im guilty of this.

    being a newbie, many may want to up their status/reputation on the forum when one has a question that has already

    been answered or when the answer is located at the pherolibrary.

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    Hello. How long does WAGG really last. It says to put a few drops on your clothes? Are you not suppose to put it on your body? I have used 3 of the different products and still not sure how much to really use and how long they are suppose to last.


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    WAGG is really good for men who come off a little over the top macho. Most pheromone products are very long lasting compared to normal colognes. They generally stay on the body for a few days even after a shower or two. Putting a few drops on your clothes will make the application last a LOT longer, even after going thru the wash. Something like WAGG, that is OK, but some other more "heavy" products I myself wouldn't put on clothes. I apply mainly to wrists, where you can wash them off more easily.

    So, you don't *have* to apply to clothes. It's mainly a way to make the product last a lot longer.

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    Thank you. It helps me understand the use better.


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