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    Default First mone experience different than expected.

    Hello all. Have been lurking for a while and decided to bite the bullet about a week and a half ago.

    Got my order last week and tried it on my wifes day off. I ordered SoE and NPA; however, based on forum advise I

    decided to try SoE by itself for a while.

    I put it on in the bathroom and walked into my living room about 5

    minutes later. Just off my living room is the office where I keep my parrot and her cage. At the time she was

    outside the cage playing on top.

    The moment I came within about 15 feet of her she started going nuts. She

    squawked to many times to count. Then started just running back and forth across the top of her cage. I left the

    living room to continue getting ready in my bedroom, which is on the other side of the house. While my wife and me

    continued to get ready to go out, the bird would not stop squawking. My wife even stated, "I don't know what has

    gotten into her." I just sat there with my mouth shut and didn't say a word. I knew. She then kept trying to get

    me to go play with the bird while she finished getting ready. I didn't feel that was a good idea.

    Finally we

    left home and my wife was more chatty in the car ride than usual. Even singing along to the music, something she

    has never done in front of me in the last 5 years that I can remember.

    When we got home the bird was again

    squawking. I immediately washed my wrist and neck. She didn't squawk again the rest of the evening and was very

    well behaved after that point.

    So I am guessing this means I can't put my mones on in the house or by bird goes

    batty. Gonna have to try and mix up some ready to go cocktails and see what I can do on the run. I plan to mix my

    NPA with some Bond No. 9 - Riverside Drive and see how that works in about another week.

    I am afraid to use NPA

    at work. I work in a 99% asian male/female environment. I have to visit about 5-7 stores a day as an authority

    figure and don't want to tick off to many of the owners. So I will dilute the NPA 5:1 and keep it under 2 sprays

    from the atomizer.

    Thanks for all the info here.

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    Yes, most definitely keep NPA

    away from work. Good luck with your experiments.

    Too funny about the bird. He may calm down if he gets used to

    your new signature.

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    And some people say we're not

    animals ... haha.

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    That reminds me of the time I got

    a DIHL effect from a squirrel down wind of me while wearing Perception. The critter just sat there looking at me

    while I walked right up to it. It sat there at my feet for a few moments before it scampered off.

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    That's funny. I will have to

    try wearing some SOE around some pets just to get a kick of their reactions...

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