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    The colloquial name for

    curry leaves is curry patta and its botanical name is murraya koenigi. Curry leaves grow on a small shrub commonly

    found in backyards or gardens around Indian houses. The leaves are the edible part and they are shiny, dark green,

    aromatic and slightly bitter in taste. As the colloquial name suggests, these leaves are one of the ingredients of

    Indian curries, cooked vegetables, salads, chutneys and spices. They add to the smell and taste of food and in

    addition to the food value. Although the leaves are added to Indian dishes as a natural flavoring agent, it is well

    known that they have some medicinal value as well. Curry leaves improve functioning of the stomach and small

    intestine and promote their action. They improve the quality of digestive juices secreted during digestion. Their

    action starts with intake. Their smell, taste and visual impression initiates salivary secretion and initiates the

    peristaltic wave, which is the first step in good digestion. They are mildly laxative and thus can tackle multiple

    digestive problems caused by food intake. They are directly added to food or an extract in the form of juice is

    added to buttermilk and consumed at the end of lunch/dinner. In case of a digestive upset, buttermilk enriched with

    the paste of curry leaves, common salt and cumin seed powder is recommended. This combination is also useful in

    problems such as loss of appetite, tastelessness of mouth as in case of fever etc. where food intake is a problem.

    Curry leaves are one of the important ingredients of herbal tonics and are parallel to digestive enzymatic tonics in


    A paste of these leaves with limejuice and honey/sugar/crystal sugar powder is a time-tested

    medicine in the treatment of hyperemesis graviderum. Nausea, dry vomiting, vomiting and food intolerance are few

    other conditions where this paste is used as a remedy. Curry leaves have some role in the treatment of diarrhea,

    dysentery and idiopathic loose motions though they are not antidiarrheal in the true sense. Fresh juice/ a paste of

    fresh leaves/a teaspoonful of powdered dried leaves /a mixture of curry leaves, coriander, mint leaves, etc. is a

    commonly known home made remedy. Certain ayurvedic research says that curry leaves have some role in controlling

    non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. People with DM due to obesity or heredity should try this treatment. A

    paste of about 8 to 10 fresh, fully-grown curry leaves is to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning for a

    minimum of 3 months for desired results. Many people have also reported weight loss, which is an additional benefit

    in diabetic people. The bark or root of this plant also has medicinal properties. One ayurvedic school recommends

    powdered root/bark for relief from kidney/biliary pain. Traditional healers have observed some effects on premature

    graying of hair. Regular intake of these leaves with buttermilk is advised. Few have tried currying leaves for

    treatment of minor burns, bruises, abrasions, etc. and claiming benefits of the

    Ayurvedic Treatment More clinical trials are

    necessary to prove effectiveness. Traditional healers in villages use these leaves with a few other medicinal leaves

    for the treatment of insect bites and claim desired results. In this treatment, these are applied externally in

    poultice form. In general, curry leaves are used confidently in daily cooking without the advice of a medical

    practitioner. They are food ingredients as well as medicinal ingredients. They add to taste and have digestive

    properties. They have some role in the management of diabetes, but this needs further research
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