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    Default I\'d like to hear from you.

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you don\'t mind me posting. I run a men\'s fragrance website and am currently researching for an article on pheromone fragrances. I\'ve been reading some of the posts here and find them very interesting.

    I\'d like to hear from any of you who wish to help out by emailing their success (or non-success stories) to

    It would be most appreciated.

    Best regards


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    Default Re: I\'d like to hear from you.

    Hello Guys,

    Basenotes has a very nice looking website dedicated to men\'s fragrance located at:

    Please have a look. I am sure it will prove to be a very valuable resource. Also, when you have a minute, please send G. here your stories regarding pheromone use. I have answered his questions as best I could via e-mail.

    All the Best,

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