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    Default Carrier Questions

    Any chemset tinkerers

    out there have some carrier ideas? I’ve mostly just applied drops and (rarely) sprays of pheros in alcohol

    solutions, which of course dry off quickly and leave some pheros on skin/hair/clothes. Who uses oil carriers, and

    what do you think? Does that give you a different slow release? Anyone tried glycerin or other carriers? How and

    where do you apply?

    Lately I’ve tried an unscented vitamin E skin creme from Vitamin World as a carrier for

    DHEA (I wanted the DHEA to absorb into my skin and convert). It works pretty good, and provides little or no scent

    of its own. Dirt cheap, and good for my skin as well! Label says it contains glycerin and Vaseline, plus other

    stuff. Anyone else tried something like this?

    Maybe some perfumery experts have some tips about fixatives

    that can be added to an alcohol mix. I kinda know what fixatives are, but have no real experience. Anyone have some

    quick and dirty advice about perfumer’s tricks? Thanks for any ideas in advance.

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    Well, Irish, of all the people

    on this forum, you know I have no answers, BUT! I did stay in the Holiday Inn Express last night.


    wanted to say, howdy and I miss your posts.

    Howdy! I miss your posts!
    Never argue with ignorant people! They pull you down to THEIR level, and then they BEAT YOU with experience. Who said that!? I don't know, but tis gold I tell'ya!!

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    Hey Irish. You seem to have

    some good pals here, welcome back.

    Don't have any direct experience but maybe some useful ideas. The good

    DrSmellThis is the expert, maybe he'll follow up.

    Pheromones have a scent, but what's the relationship between

    their smell and their working molecules? Perhaps its a direct correlation? I think this is the key question, maybe

    someone knows.

    As you know, alcohol helps diffuse the molecules into the air (both scent and pheromones).

    Slowing that down may increase longevity but reduce effectiveness, since we want those molecules into


    Perfuming fixatives chemically alter a scent to increase molecular weight, thus slowing diffusion while

    allowing the "fixed" scent to retain, and extend, its unique "smell" constituents. I'm not sure what the chemical

    dynamics are if you try to "fix" a pheromone, or even how you'd undertake to try it.

    I like your idea of

    blending with a cream or lotion. Have you tried this with your chemset -mones? I think I remember someone on the

    forum doing this. But again, I'd be concerned with the diffusion question.

    Also, there's a product called

    Glucam P-20 (corn product) which is soluble in water, alcohol and some oils. Its odorless, and works best in the

    3-6 hr. range. And its cheap.

    If you have your "target" close, very close, it may not be an issue. Your DHEA

    technique would have to work this way. The conversion would wear very close to your skin.

    I've not had problems

    mixing small amounts of alcohol tinctures into a Jojoba oil base. That would be about the same as a few drops of

    alcohol-based pheromones.

    Sorry Irish, this is more than you asked for but less than you expected. As I've been

    thinking about using chemset -mones I've been considering these same questions.

    Great questions, I hope there's

    enough interest in this to devote a thread to chemset users.
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