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    Default A314 is working great!

    For a couple

    of months I was using an SOE/TE combination at my work and around town, with some great results. However, I'm

    pretty sure I OD'd due to buildup one day at work. This made me realize that TE is too dangerous for work, since

    it's hard to measure buildup and easy to OD on. I'm also not trying to sleep with any of my coworkers, I just

    wanted the extra confidence TE gave me. So I bought some A314, and I've been wearing it like this: 1 drop from the

    mini-dropper spread between both pulse points covered with about 6 inches of SOE. No cologne.

    It's working

    awesomely. I get the same boost of confidence and energy as I got from TE, the respect vibes are in, random people

    call me 'Sir,' one guy gave me a $50 dollar tip (granted I'd spent a ton of time helping him, but still that's a

    lot considering we're not supposed to take tips) and just on and on. I've also noticed that the other guys who I

    work with are being treated better by customers, and everybody just seems in a fantastic mood. One of my female

    coworkers, about 21 years old, just walked up to me and grabbed me with both hands around my bicep, looked straight

    into my eyes, and said "Can you please come help me?" which was amazing since she usually won't ask for help for

    anything. This other female coworker, a married woman around 28 years old, won't leave me alone anymore. She

    gives me these long eye contacts with hair twirling and seductive little smiles, and anytime I'm away from her more

    than a few minutes she'll come over and talk to me, or start calling me over to talk with her. But here's the

    weirdest thing that's happened so far: just a couple days ago I had applied the combo about 15 minutes before

    arriving at work. When I got there everybody was running around, the place was a disaster area, and my coworkers

    were in a BAD mood. About 10 minutes after I arrived, everybody's mood started lifting, and after another

    few minutes people were cracking jokes, shooting rubber bands at each other, and just having a good time. I did not

    instigate any of this. A little about myself, I'm a 25 year old white guy, 5'11" and 140 lbs. I'm definitely

    not the alpha male type, although I can do a pretty good job of it when dropped into the role. I work with some

    hotties, and if we didn't work together I'd happily pursue them, but I've done the work relationship thing before

    and it's always been messy. I am loving my A314.

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    Can you say how it was you

    knew you OD'd on the TE mix? Just curious.
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    I am pretty sure I OD'd by

    the reactions of basically everybody I came into contact with. Everybody seemed to get very quiet, the women

    immediately crossed their arms and turned away. Nobody told me I smelled bad or anything, but there was just a

    consistent negative reaction to my presence all day.

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    Classic OD Sodbuster, and shows

    how dangerous -mone can be at work, as you said. I think its just an inappropriate vibe for a work setting. I bet

    if you were in a bar you'd get very different reactions.

    Good job with the A314.

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    A314 and high none in general

    like NPA has always been crap for me.. then again I have bi polar so my mood are easily affected.

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