So, my second solid weekend of testing,

Friday night

went to the club. 3 sprays of C7, plus 3 dabs of TE, covered by black code. Not as many hits as my other C7/TE

experience, but good solid hits none the less. Most notable, one girl saw me on the dance floor, made a bee line to

me and started grinding on me right away, and then started kissing me! Her friends had to pull her away. Got some

nice dances from 4 or so other girls, with lots of ass grinding, but also got a lot of rejection from some girls.

Alof of the girls were under 21, so none content might have been too much for them, but some were just fine with it.

Danced on and off with the first girl all night, lots of grabbing, touching, and more kissing, all initiated by her.

Got her number at the end of the night, would’ve taken her home, but her bf was there! At one point she was nibbling

on my ear no more than 10 feet from her bf, it must not be serious between them, lol. Oh, had to reapply C7 at about

hour 3.5

This morning got a massage and used 2 sprays of C7, front

of neck and wrists. Didn’t want any sexual action, but wanted to have some Mones on just in case, glad I did! The

masseuse was a very cute, very hot 26 year old who chatted and joked with me the whole hour, very jovial, very

friendly. I asked for, and got her number on my way out, not just her card, but her card with her home number

written on it.

Honestly, I don’t know if my balls have just grown

and hence my game, or if that’s enhanced by the Mones as well, but it feels like these were hits. Good