Ok, so got my TE

and chikara gel packs on thursday and did some testing over the weekend.

Friday night - 1 gel pack chikara and

a couple dabs of TE. Made me feel great, went out to a popular club and was way more confident and outgoing than

normal. Lots and lots of bumping and grinding from hot girls that wouldn't normally get close to me. Most fun I've

ever had at a club, insanely good time! I'm sure alot of it had to do with my personal outlook, but I do think that

was also influenced by mones. Wore off suddenly at about hour 3.5 and I went home from there, having had more than

my fair share of fun.

Saturday - 1 gel pack chikara and 1 spray of TE. Got a burger at a local bar, sat down

next to two pretty girls who started fiddling with their hair almost right away. They were done eating though and

left. While I was talking to the three guys that replaced them(very friendly outgoing vibes from them), a gorgeous

girl comes up next to me to order a drink and starts grinning and flirting. I told her she'd look right at home

with a cowboy hat on, almost as a joke, and as the conversation progressed she kept going on about the cowboy thing.

Her boyfriend nearly ran over to stand with her when she started talking to me, but she kept breaking off talking to

him and went back to me about the cowboy thing, grinning at me the whole time. What a looker! He eventually managed

to drag her away.

Went to a different club filled mostly with Asians and got no response from them whatsoever.

I guess they react differently? I got lots of response from the black crowd I was hanging out with on the patio

though and several very hot black girls got hot and heavy with me on the dance floor

So, feels like

some hits, interesting that Asians are completely unresponsive though. A couple other misc hits around town too,

very young girl working at whole foods went on for 15 minutes when I asked her a question and ended up giving me a

free box of the product we were talking about. Didn't even have to ask.