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    Default men, what works on you

    I'm in

    an interesting situation. There's a man I would like to help get over his 'noble' self restraint. co worker who

    is also a friend and he is my instructor as well as supervisor. small company growing fast and we are not only

    working together during the day but often talking shop after work while eating dinner at his place or at the office.

    we get along great, lots of laughter and joking as well as getting work done efficiently. I made a pass at him a

    month ago, he accepted and we had a great time, how do I know he did for sure, well yet to find a guy who can fake

    an orgasm and he did say he had a great time but then got all noble about being my instructor etc. I said it was a

    standing offer and he replied he might change his mind down the line.
    work continued to be fine, I've behaved like

    a saint, not pulled any covert tricks to seduce him. after a difficult week, he thanked me for my help and gave me a

    sweet hug and kiss on the cheek before I left for the evening, next day he was in a bratty mood, made some

    suggestive motions on a peice of equipment making me laugh but wondering if he's softening up, then later on it was

    my turn to cook and I asked him if he wanted white or dark meat chicken. he started to reply I like my meat--stopped

    and looked a bit uncertain if he wanted to finish the comment, blushed but did finish with I was going to say I like

    my meat white and sweet but the truth is hate white meat chicken. I'm blond and he's called me sweet a few times

    and had said this with an indirect glance at me. I gave him a poke in the arm and told him to be careful as he was

    giving me troublesome thoughts again. he laughed and I dropped it, he spooks a bit yet. later on I was leaning over

    his shoulder to use the keyboard, a position we've been in often in the past weeks, and my har brushed his face, he

    turned a bit and seemed t o suddenly realize a pair of tits were near his face, and scooted his chair about a foot

    away. signs of avoidance are not always a bad sign means a guy who is trying to control himself is having more

    I truly like, admire and respect this man, value his friendship and working with him and beleive that

    we could keep all that and have an easy going sex life to make good even more fun.
    He's an alpha male type, not

    leader of the pack but independent sort, confident, energetic, nice guy but not beta male nice.
    so what do you

    suggest I wear with my perfume to help him get over his scruples,
    and where to wear it, since my hair is near his

    face often, use it in an atomizer with perfume and spray on my hair, or stick with neck and wrists, temple since I

    do lean over him often, all of the above ?

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    It sounds like he likes you, but

    he's being restrained because of the work situation.

    Out of the blue, I would have no reason to doubt his

    honesty. If he says he has a great time, and you look at him with that look you women give us and his body language

    seems to back it up, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Women as a whole are much more perceptive about body

    language than we are, so I'm sure you can give him a good look and tell if he's being truthful.

    If you're

    serious about him, I'd sit him down one day and mention the following:
    1. You sought him out.
    2. Nobility is

    nice, but women don't get all giggly over a man's nobility.
    3. You can have a good work relationship even with

    a personal relationship on the side (but only if you truly believe this to be true)
    4. He has no reason to worry

    about HR things, again, you came to him, it's not a ploy to get a harassment suit, it's because you genuinely like


    As far as mones go, maybe SOE/W? I'm no expert on it.

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    mm... seems like your my

    type of woman . Unfortunately, I am also pretty shy and I can see where hes coming from. I don't really know

    about pheromones that can calm him down but I do know that just keep on touching/brushing up on him because that

    will build his comfort level.

    The problem with me is that I am much of the same but I am pursuing a shy woman...

    as you can see I need all the advantages I need... lol

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    I guess you have really a good relationship and your men have really a sense of humor and I guess he is also gentle keep it up and enjoy what relationship you have.

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