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    Default npa causign dramatic insreace in focus and physical stamina, it makes me work harder

    while i havent scored any hits off it at this early stage,

    i have noticed a testosterone like surge in stamina, work ethic, and agression.....with just 1 to 2 dabs. it is

    truly a much more powerful product than Ammo, the only other none product ive used. i very much like this affect. it

    gets me off my arse and gets my jobs done. would A7 also give me this affect? even if i dont get female hits, this

    stamina effect is enough reason to wear it.

    a few queries though;

    a. does this energy surge caused by strong

    none raise my blood pressure or stress on the heart the way tribulus can? ive noticed my breathing gets heavier and

    i feel more agressive.

    b. i washed my arms where i applied it with 2 IO as cover, and after 5 miniutes, i noticed

    i slowed down and calmed down abit....does most of it come off after washig with hit water, or hang around because

    none is a sticky molecule?

    thanks guys.

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    a) I don't think we know that

    yet. -none definitely makes me more aggressive though at high doses. I used to apply TE/NPA under my nose before

    playing football (soccer), pretty funny

    b) depends what you wash with. Hot water and soap or a sports shower

    gel seem to get the bulk of it to my nose. You could also try twice weekly exfoliation to remove potential


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