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    Exclamation About the (free?) shipping price...

    I made a quick order the moment I saw the 25% discount coupon e-mail.
    It sure came in time as I could

    very much use my new A7 and this re-stock of A1 I bought.
    But oh-my(!) I forgot to add WAGG to the order.


    wouldn't be a problem if I lived in the USA... giving that u have free shipping and all if I buy at a sertain


    But the thing is - I live so far away, that the shipping alone costs to me like half an order.
    I am

    about to make my WAGG order, and next to the usual "Orders over $100.00 receive FREE shipping within United States"

    text, I see this new "Spend $21.05 more and get free shipping" announcement.

    I wonder:
    Can I really (Pretty

    please) get free shipping from Santa this order?
    [I was gonna make the cheaper shipping method anyway (although I

    usually take EMS), as I am only about to order WAGG and a few little roll-top bottles which I love so much].


    order already stands on $79 (before the coupon discount), but my previous order (made just a few days ago) was

    $142.43 AFTER the coupon discount, and I recieved no free shipping
    So - is it possible to make at least this

    one-time free shipping? please...?

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    I'm not sure if I follow all that

    exactly, but if you mean could we mail the bottle of WAGG for free, that should be OK if you don't mind postal

    shipping. It doesn't cost much.

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    Thumbs up

    Ususally I

    prefer EMS, but this time I don't mind postal shipping (it's only one product anyway - so it shouldn't break

    or anything).
    I'll go make my order right now. Please be sure to pass on the free-shipping thing to Tammy - she's

    always so nice too by the way
    Also, the last order was written down as 0.00$ over the package, to my

    request, so I didn't have to pay any additional postal-taxes which are high in my country. I really appritiate that

    and would be very happy if you do that again

    Always such a great serviece - I just love Love-Scent!

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