Hi Everbody:

Well I found a new combo( I think) that seemed to work pretty well it consists of PF and Andro 4.2.
What I did was I took an old PI bottle and half filled it with PF then I topped it off with andro, and shook it up for about 10 min. I then took a small amount and transfered it to a very small spray bottle. I only put on about 3 sprays (on my neck)and went to the mall. I got many looks, and when I went to buy some gum the young cashier I would say in her early 20\'s was very friendly, but I forgot to look for DIHL. Oh well maybe next time. I only tried this combo once and got good results -at least I thought they were- and I realize that further testing is needed I will keep everyone informed. If anyone has used this combo could you let me know.


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