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    I love TE\'s smell. If used alone, what is the recommended dosage? I suppose this subject has been discussed before, but I cannot remember.

    By the way, that puts me in the 25% male that can smell it.

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    HEy Bad Grass,

    It puts you in the 70%-75% that can. Approx. 30% cannot smell the mones.

    As for your question. I totally get off on the smell of TE regular (reminds me that I need to order some more). I get a huge ego boost etc.

    When applying go light if you are not to use a cologne. If you are going to be in the office or out clubbing it. I would suggest one spray to the chest on your clothing and a bit to the neck behind ears. The clothing will hold it longer.

    Best of Luck and keep us posted.


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    Default Re: TE dosage

    For the office, one spray to the chest is enough for me. Out and about and cruzin\' maybe two. Out in a club, more.

    I find that spreading the repeat applications over time, say one every hour or so, keeps from OD\'ing but builds power and effectiveness. A spray to the head hair is an effective broadcast method too.

    I did a long, detailed posting before Xmas on using TE at a club - \"And the Hits just kept on coming...\"

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    Thank you guys! It looks like I have not yet found my dosage/combo. I will post my findings.

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