I bought Andros for men like over ten yrs ago. Really it must've been when I

was in jr high whuck was in 1995, I saved up my lunch money (hey, I was a horney kid I guess) I ordered it out the

Adam and Eve catalog. I didnt know a thing about application and used half the bottle the first time I think lol.

Anyway I ordered it a few times and the last time which really had to have been in 1997 or 98 I saved a bit.

Needless to say I came across the few drops and applied a small dab...

The chicks have been going crazy

seriously. I've ordered chikira, Primal Instinct Puer Instinct, scent of eros, some I cant think of and none have

worked like this. I dont know if it just works my type or what. i mean these are the types of stories I heard other

people say about products but really couldnt fanthom just from a scent. Chick asking you to go to the bathroom with

her who you just meet? ridiculous. Anyway thats beisdes the point I just wanna know where I can find this, I know

Adam and Eve dont have it any more. The bottle says Valentine Products South Norwalk 06854

This deserves to be

followed up I think because it really works. My brother usually used just a lil' and he spoke of getting many hits

as well. I think some detective work should be done and ifthe company is out of business the scent should be

recreated. Anyone hae a few drops left? I do I was wondering if i send it in to Bruce or somewon could it be

reproduced some how or atleast studied. I dont know I'm curious.