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    Default week two with npa

    This is my second week with npa. Thus far I have not seen much of a response [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]. Have tried various cologne mixes. Have not tried isey though it seems a few people seem to like it. Have tried npa alone as well as with cool water, grey flannel and ferenheit. Not even a response. Used it on the job, at walmart, target and the grocery store. Please help [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    try it in a 3:7 ratio with cologne
    jambat has mizes of 70 % APC w/ 30 % NPA

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    Default Re: week two with npa


    Issey and NPA are a great mix at 5 parts Issey to 1 part NPA.
    70/30 mixes are just a little more than 2 to 1 and are consequently very phero heavy. You shouldn\'t have to smell the pheros for them to work.

    If a cologne is especially strong, and you don\'t need to use much, a 4 to 1 ratio will work. The stronger the scent, the more pheros you want in the mix, so that when you apply a minimal amount, there will be enough pheros in the mix to do the job.
    With anything less than 4 to 1, cologne to NPA, you risk stinking of A-None.
    Don\'t ask me to explain the successes associated with the Jambat mixes. I can\'t.

    Oscar [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    Does everyone apply Jambat to skin? Maybe, the key to it\'s success is optimal release rate since it\'s oil based, and most colognes disappear too quickly.

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    Default Re: week two with npa


    Try using the NPA straight out of the bottle. i use three to four dabs of it (not drops). works great and lasts longer that way. Combining with others you waste your bottle experimenting. good luck.

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    Umm, JB 1 is not oil based. It is a poly-ol plus alcohol. The poly-ol is like antifreeze and viscous, also looks funny on clothes if too concentrated (ie 20 NPA : 80 APC) But, back to the origional concept, whether it is oil based or alcohol based, shouldn\'t matter too much. Your skin has a ton of oil in it. Your clothes do not, but if the fabric is a good carrier then then pheros will stay there. I am sure there is a difference between oil and alcohol dispersion systems, but really, the release of the pheros is probably more dependent on heat. Your skin will probably always be warmer than your clothes.

    OK, I am getting random.

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    Heat... Interesting. I notice today that I couldn\'t really smell the cologne on my shirt all day long. Then after some light exercise, the scent was noticeable!

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    Default Re: week two with npa


    IS the poly-ol - Polyglycol? If so then that is the liquid used in Cigar Humidors. It releases the water in the humidor until it reaches 70-80 percent humidity. Also when it is above 80% humidity it absorbs and holds onto the water. Would this have an effect on pheros I wonder?

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    Well, reading the label, it says... Di Proplene Glycol. I have a guess at what that is, but to answer TCO, I could not tell you. They are a dime a dozen, glycols that is. Quite honestly, they are plasticisizers, and used in food or plastics for that reason. About water, they generally hold on to it tenaciously, alcohols do that (poly-ols are still alcohols) As far as pheros are concerned, water is not liked. Why make PI with oil? Why saturate ethanol with pheros in the chem kits. The molecules are large organics, they like hydrophobicity.

    That said, they are not hexane. They will mix (as has been shown on timeless occasions) The point of the previous post was that the pheros in APC were not in oil but a poly-ol.

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    Di Proplene Glycol......


    with some women that may be a good thing to have in the mix... [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: week two with npa

    I don\'t want to piss off the prince of darkness, but as Ash said, \"Good, Bad, I\'m the one with the gun.\" Propylene glycol is antifreeze. Di Propylene glycol, while will work as antifreeze, is actually a bit different. I\'d give a site to see it, but the dorks at Acros do not let you do that sort of thing. For those who are chemically-inclined, take propylene glycol, and make an ether out of C1\'s OH of two propylene glycols. Try it on paper, it will work out.

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