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    Default Nexus works

    I'd just thought I'd

    start using up the bottle of Nexus I have. It was the first pheromone product I bought about 2 years ago. When I

    first used it alone, I got some extrodinary results. Yesterday I used it in a combo I made up and the results were

    as good as I've ever had with any pheromone product.

    I was experimenting with a mixure of 4:1

    beta-nol:androsterone alone with PCC and Nexus. I applied three drops of the beta-nol mixture on my neck and a few

    dabs of PCC under the ears. I then sprayed a little Nexus on my forearms and rubbed them together. Finally I applied

    some A*man cologne on my neck.

    On the bus yesterday, I struck up a conversation with a woman I met before. In

    the middle of the conversation, she just "spaced out" and stared at me. I asked her a question about the

    conversation and she just said "huh?" as if her mind was wondering. On another occasion, in the health food store I

    had a woman start fanning herself when she was telling me about antioxidants. Another girl's face went flush as she

    smiled at me in the middle of a casual conversation.

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    That's some good results

    Just don't forget that big part of this comes from you yourself.
    So at the end of the day you have powerful

    you + some powerful mones That's is how I like to think about it.

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