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    Default Ipso facto

    From a news article i

    found online today....

    Science sheds new light on secrets of physical attraction
    Chris Cobb,

    CanWest News Service

    Two new studies have been focusing on body scent, or body odour in less polite

    company, and using sophisticated brain scans on homosexuals and heterosexuals while simultaneously wafting sweat of

    numerous volunteers under their noses.

    The sweat came from the bodies of a cross-section of sexual orientations.

    Bottom line: Natural body odour, or pheromones, play on our subconscious and are key in determining who we find

    attractive, but like natural gas, they have no smell. At least, in well-washed persons they don't.

    Gays who

    volunteered to take part in the experiments were especially adept at sniffing out the scent of other men and,

    according to brain-scan results, were stimulated by those same odours that send heterosexual women all a twitter.

    Which sort of makes sense, doesn't it?

    Two institutes, Philadelphia's Monell Chemical Senses Center and the

    Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, have been working simultaneously on these sniff tests and have come to similar


    The Monell team gathered 82 heterosexual and homosexual men and asked them to sniff the armpit sweat

    of 24 donors representing all basic sexual denominations. There is no word on how much they were paid to do this,

    but it couldn't possibly have been enough.

    So the study showed that gay men like the smell of other men in

    general, but according to their brain scans, were able to detect, and were especially stimulated by, the armpit

    odour of other gays. It is hardly surprising, then, that the smell of gay men was the least liked by heterosexual

    men, women and lesbians.

    Lead Monell researcher Dr. Charles Wysocki said of his team's study: "Our findings

    support the contention that gender preference has a biological component that is reflected in both the production of

    different body odours and in the perception of and response to body odours."

    In other words, we like each

    other's smells.

    The Swedish study suggests we are even closer in this regard to the animal than previously

    thought. It's a bit more complicated than sniffing sweat, but essentially, the Swedes tested 36 heterosexual and

    homosexual men and got them to sniff all kinds of common odours, such as lavender, and slipped in two suspected

    pheromones derived from testosterone and estrogen.

    The testosterone derivative, called AND (what is this

    chemical? and more do we get some? - ed.)
    , sparked definite biological interest in the women

    and gay men; the estrogen derivative activated something called the hypothalamus in heterosexual men.


    animal studies suggest that the hypothalamus plays a major role in sexual behaviour.

    There's a complication,

    however. Dr. Nick Neave, a biological psychologist at Northumbria University, told a British interviewer that

    pheromones play a key role in sexual attraction among animals, which detect them through a nasal organ called the

    omeronasal. If we humans have one of those up our noses, nobody has yet been able to find it. (If we *didn't*

    have one, why would odours play a role at all? -ed.)

    The studies leaves this to ponder: Does it mean

    humans will eventually junk scented deodorants, antiperspirants, after-shave and anything else that masks natural

    body odour?"

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    Default It is the reason folks smell each other. Mojo!

    Most Americans cannot stand to smell another person. We think it filthy to catch a scent of a

    person's natural odor. We spend tons of money on things to wash away and cover our Mojo. Sometimes these products

    actually make us sick, but we keep using them. Like FDS and similar products. Bug spray for humans.

    Europeans on the other hand do not boil their bodies three times a day and scrub constantly. We may make jokes

    about it, but they enjoy the smell of a human body. I sure do.

    There has to be a middle ground. Keeping clean

    enough to not scare people, but letting a little mojo come out to still turn people on.

    I think these mones we

    are buying are a commercial way of letting us funk-i-fy our bodies to get some action. It is not our true mojo, but

    mojo from a lab. Whatever works! Women notice men, men notice women and people notice people. Women become more

    chatty and men scare other men with their dominating presence. We just can't put our finger on what made us feel

    that way.

    It might be the same feeling that a person on a metro ride in Paris was smelling on the

    sweaty person standing right next to them. Sexy hot mojo.

    Yeah baby. Oh, BEHAVE!

    Sweet Thing

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