another discussion board, there was a thread on pheromones that came up. The poster who started it was quickly

double-teamed by two guys who at first didn't believe pheromones worked. After a while, the poster who started the

thread posted links to scientific articles via James Kohl's site. Then the poster was still double teamed. The

two guys attacking the other one are very anti-pheromone and they have said that using pheromones are equivalent to

using date rape drugs or dropping something else in a woman's drink without her knowing. They seem to be beating

the crap out of the other guy who insists that pheromones are not drugs and are not the equivalent of using date

rape drugs. I find the conversation interesting because I've never heard that pheromones are drugs. One of the

posters there said that pheromones have been classified by the FDA as drugs.