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    Default The Neurologically Typical

    Maybe you

    guys have seen this, pretty funny. Click on the link at the bottom of the page for his full


    Some quotes from his feedback


    Thank you for your work in the pheromone arena. I had been thinking for some time that I must be emitting

    something offensive or odd. Now thanks to your work I know that I have a hormonal pheromonal atypical secretion and

    not bad breath or little antennae growing out of my head and that it's not my karma or my aura or evil fairies.

    Thank you so much

    If find your research very interesting and I am working along
    similar lines. I have

    developed the theory that the smell
    of popcorn causes movies. The initial correlations look to


    We need more research on the whole clothing and hair thing. How is it that periodically large

    numbers of NTs suddenly look different from a few months earlier? This extremely wasteful habit of shopping and

    getting new hair styles in order to look defiant, yet conformist, is really bizarre and shows a fundamental flaw in

    logical thinking.

    I would like to offer to possible topics for research by the institute. The first is

    the apparent "asshole" gene said to be found in NT males. This is supposed to be found in the female as the "bitch"


    I have seen some isolated cases of specific behaviours that lead me to believe that in fact these

    conditions are not genetic in nature, however, they appear to be behavioural disorders falling somewhere on the

    spectrum of obvert social control obsession while manifesting deception without cause or reason and exhibiting group

    acceptance disfunction. Perhaps the ISNT has conducted some study on this?

    Gee, now you've got me all

    confused. Are your links utterly bogus too.

    In your professional opinion, do you believe that the

    opposite sex attractor pheromones actually work or are they just a marketing trick?

    I want


    I am instread in the way human pheromones afect the human body I would like to know more about

    this. but I am also upset that companys or the us government can use public places to test this product. I think

    that it is in violation of human rites. please send me more info if O can be of any hepl I am insterad in

    participating in any experiments with the use of pheromones. thank you sincerly

    Interesting research,

    Perkons... need more time to study it, but I should be happy do give it peer review...

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