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    Default Question from an "old timer"

    I've been on and off with 'mones since '99, Love Scent mones since like '02. I'm not a mix guru, I mainly go

    with 2-3:1 SOE:NPA, but i also have PI.

    I want to attract a specific chick, don't even know her name, just I

    see her semi-occassionally around town, I've talked to her but when asked for email got the "BF" answer, and I

    haven't seen her in as close a setting as to strike up convo again yet. Didn't have 'mones on when I talked to

    her BTW.

    So, best mixes for an muscular, 5'8" 23 year old caucasian male with dark hair and semi-tan skin,

    for pulling a 28-30 year old shy chick of the same complexion?

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    A lot of variables here. You

    need to get close to her for a more extended time. Being 23 you might want to ease up on the NPA/PI. Maybe try to

    draw her in with -nol and -rone. I'm almost 50 and have had reactions from SoE with women of all ages, including

    28-30. C7 has a good rep here for drawing people in. I'd try SoE alone and ditch the NPA until you get her on a

    date. A shy girl may respond well to A1, its very warm and comforting, but SoE alone should help if you can get her

    close. NPA/PI may scare her, even mixed.

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    Thanks, Idesign. I've been

    without SOE for like over 2 years (except a gel pack here or there from old stash) and it's like the return of an

    old friend. I think it's Gegogi that says it's 90% you and 10% the 'mones, and I gotta say the difference it

    makes in you and the people around you is quite wonderful. My body type is beefy as hell, and I am an all-natural

    lifter, and I've been working on posture alot lately (chest out, sternum in, shoulders back, etc.) so I don't need

    a lot of help in being thought of as alpha-type, but I def get the "intimidated" look from lots of people, which is

    not the way I am at all, so that sucks. If you think SOE alone will do the trick, then so be it. First I'm gonna

    go test SOE alone, at a target-rich environment (da mall, where else? )

    I've heard it said, and the

    theory sounds correct, is that SOE will bring you to the sexual door, but you have to open it.

    The fact this

    woman is shy (you can definitely tell) and not a loudmouthed whore, wears skirts like a teacher, instead of (ewww!)

    pants (my last 2 GF's were teachers, I seem to attract teachers, and vice-versa ) all this makes me definitely

    want to get to know her. I just need to break her out of her shell, get her laughing and touching a bit, then I

    know it will be game over for her.

    Does anyone have any good experience of just SOE alone? And I mean where

    women showed SEXUAL interest as well as intellectual/social? I seem to recall Terry had some good



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    Welcome back! I've

    had a lot of great experiences with just SOE alone. My theory on why SOE works so well as both social and sexual

    interest is the -nol to -none conversion factor. I'm not sure about this (I think that this comes from a old post

    way back when), but I think that naturally our bodies produce -nol (small amounts). Over time a small amount of

    this gets converted to -none.

    I do get sexual hits from SOE, but it seems to come about after 3 + hours after

    application. So I'd like to think SOE approaches things naturally, but you are hitting people with a huge amount.

    My suggestion is go with about 12" of SOE applied on forearms, behind ears, on sides of neck, and on your chest.

    The next time you see this person ask her some open ended questions to get to know her better. Once you get the

    conversation going try to get her to laugh/relax. Perhaps some funny stories, jokes, etc. Escalate by teasing her/

    busting her balls a bit. Now since she already has come out with "I have a boyfriend", you're going to have to get

    her to chase you. That means that she will have to volunteer her contact info.

    Now at this point you don't know

    it she truely does have a boyfriend. Reguardless of this she is definately not interested in you enough to go out

    yet. As mentioned about you are going to have to start to slowly build up that interest the next time you see her.

    It probably is going to take some time. It is also going to take some luck and timing as well.

    Anyhow I just

    came across some information that sheds a bit a light on a weird episode that I had with SOE a few years back.

    About two years ago I met this gorgeous asian woman named Anna that just moved back to Seattle (from college back

    east) in a lindy hop class. Right away we hit things off, but when I later asked if she wanted to go to a concert

    with me she said, "Sorry, I can't come. I have a boyfriend. It may not look like it since he is back east." So,

    from then on I didn't ask her out, but still hung out with her at dances and classes. Now the couple of times that

    I wore SOE around her, I got this sad and perplexed attitide/look from her. It was all the more weird with everyone

    around us in class and dances reacting normally (boisterous, flirty, light-hearted, mood) to the SOE. About 1 year

    later she disappeared from the Lindy scene.

    A week ago I ran into her and a her good friend out shopping. We sat

    down for lunch and caught up on old times. She is actually now engaged to someone else entirely . Anyhow to

    make a long story short, I was able to talk to her friend alone while she went to the bathroom. Her friend said it

    was so nice to finally met me since Anna has told her so much about me. From the conversation with her friend, I

    was able to find out that Anna broke things off with Rob (her boyfriend back east) about 1 month after meeting me (I

    had no idea.).

    (Sigh)Hindsight is 20/20.

    It Don't Mean a Thing if it ain't got that swing. . . . -Duke Ellington

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slinger View Post
    I want to

    attract a specific chick, don't even know her name, just I see her semi-occassionally around town, I've talked to

    her but when asked for email got the "BF" answer, and I haven't seen her in as close a setting as to strike up

    convo again yet. Didn't have 'mones on when I talked to her BTW.

    You asked her email and got I have

    a boyfriend answer?

    Maybe...I'm just considering a possibility here came off too strong/serious

    BTW what's with all that email asking thing? Go for her # and if she resists, get her email. Like a second

    parachute. Plus since emails are considered "less threating" than #, it is likely she will be happy with the

    presented alternative.
    However I always want to go for #. Either she figures out a way to give it to me or I

    mention it myself
    Also I noticed that if you talk with her just for a few moments and tell her you need to

    go(friends are waiting, meeting, whatever), she will likely give you her #, but you will have the whole game in

    front of you. That is be ready for "whose number is this?"
    On the other hand, if you spend with her a few

    minutes, it is better to spend a few additional minutes before getting her #, so it doesn't seem like she didn't

    deserve you asking for her #.
    And maybe a few additional minutes so it seems more natural and doesn't look like

    "woohoo I got her number ".

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    You can always try this

    response to the 'I have a bf' line:

    "Good I don't want there to be any sexual tension or anything between

    us - I like my friends to be involved with other people it lowers the drama quotient."

    Chicks hate it when

    you turn the tables on them and refer to them as just a "friend" plus you pre-suppose that there would be attraction

    and sexual tension between you too and let her know you don't like drama which she, like all women, probably has a

    lot of drama in her life. That statement alone could create some cognitive dissonance in her mind and increase her

    interest in you.

    Plus at the very least, it gives off an air of confidence.

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    Tyler, I understand what you

    mean, but I don't think it's the case here. If anything, I come off as too disinterested, and often forget to go

    for the number (or email in my case) in other words I start a friendly chat with a hot girl and see where it goes,

    unfortunately for me I often can't tell the signs of her wanting more, so more often than not I say "Well, I gotta

    go." and then thats it. Yes, my ass is sore from me kicking it.

    Well after the "I have a BF" incident with

    the woman in discussion, I breeze past her in the local pharmacy, I was in there shopping for something specific, I

    say "Hey, how's the leg? You haven't fallen into any elliptical machines or gotten caught in the weight machine

    lately, have you?" (long story) she says no, laughing, starts telling me about something but I said "well I gotta

    go", cuz I had stuff to do. But immediately afterward I'm thinking "DAMN it!" she was happy to see me and started

    talking, then I leave. WTF? So that was a long while ago, and I've only seen her driving by and etc. lately, no

    opportunity for chit-chat.

    This is a prime example for having default things to say/do in situations with

    women. You never know what you could be missing out on, but you get the feeling its damn good and



    BTW the email thing is from David DeAngelo, he says women are more likely to respond

    and you can escalate better from email, I find it to be true as well.

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    Yeah, I know it's from DYD, but

    I only take emails as a second parachute in case primary fails. And as far as I know, 90% PUAs don't go for

    For me it's like stepping backwards. I will probably even be to lazy to write emails... So I don't take

    For me, if a girl resists to give her number it is an indicator that our connection was not strong enough.

    Then, yeah, email may be an alternative.
    But we live in fast living and fast changing world so I better take along

    for a ride a girl, who I feel connection with.
    As for why she gave you BF answer...well, statistically it is most

    likely that if in early stages girl said she has a BF, it is a way for her to put a shield on. A guy probably showed

    too much attention or was needy/reaction seeking and thus the girl felt discomfort/pressure.
    Now I'm not saying

    that is is exactly the reason in your situation, but considering that you stop when you get good initial reactions,

    it may be.
    Because most often guys stop after getting good initial reactions because they are afraid to loose

    it(reaction seeking). They choose to have this little instead of a possibility to have much more later.

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