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    Default Possible Pheromone Disorder?

    I tried

    researching everywhere for this on this forum and wiki and google and couldn't find it. Is it possible for someone,

    male or female to be born with a genetic defect of not producing enough sexual pheromones or worst no sexual

    pheromones. Whether it be just -none, -nol or all chemical compounds. I ask cause I have been with both groups of

    guys that get girls easily and guys that have girls look at em like aliens with 2 heads. The naturals(that get

    girls) do nothing just smile and ask for numbers and the girls are happy to give it to them. Or they walk up and ask

    to join em and they gladly accept. Then the other group that struggles with women have done many things and no

    success. And it's not so much they do things wrong. They copy, emulate the naturals and response is the same for

    them, that alien stare.

    I wonder this for myself as well. At first I believed I didn't produce enough -none.

    Now I think I produce too much and not enough -nol. Only when they get to know me that they say I'm a great guy.

    Today I almost stabbed someone I thought was gonna rob me. I had my knife in my hand hidden behind my back ready to

    thrust. I know it's my job that made react that way. I used to be more introverted and wouldn't react without

    first looking back on my experiences for a solution as to how to proceed. When I couldn't find a solution I would

    freeze. Today was different, I was just hearing this voice "he attacks you stab and fast and hard and twist knife to

    induce pain and blood loss". I say my job since everyday I have to be spending asking myself "ok, how do I do this

    without killing myself?". In the end he walked slowly away and acted like nothing happen. I think he sensed my -none

    overpowering him, or he saw me move like I had a weapon on me. My adrenalin was pumping bigtime there. And today

    coming home no one wanted to sit next to me. Usually in the city at that hour everyone will sit and not stand for 45


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    I doubt it,the guys

    probably asked the right girls in the right place at the right time.You seem to be overthinking pheremones.

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