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    Default Hey Hey

    H E Y, da didley, didley,

    didley, do da dum
    OH what fun, Im just an Androstenone kind of guy.
    Tah tit, tah tit, tah tit, tah too, tah too.

    Not everyone dances to this drum, but oh what fun, its been an Androstenone only week 4 me, well close enough.

    It seems my little drop of Alpha 7 yesterday had turned my g/f Primal because before 6 pm i well and truily knew

    the meaning of "afternoon delight"

    She then proceeds to leave me laying there with a grin on my face in a

    depleated state and takes off, after using my weeks ration of hot water.

    I should have scrubbed that Alpha 7 off

    when i had the chance, instead of raiding the pantry.

    As one of her divorced and man soured g/friends had just

    rung the outside bell and says through the screen " she isnt at her place is she here"
    I call out "no shes gone to

    the movies with the other girls".

    "Ok let me in i want to use your bathroom" So i open up and before i can get

    the door closed again she says quietly "you smell good what after shave is that"

    Everything seems to be

    happening so fast i cant find an answer, and i cant smell anything anyway.

    I get her a fresh towel and she is

    out in about 5 and seems like a little upset so i start and cradle her head on my shoulder which somehow turns into

    a long lip kiss.

    And before i realize anything she has proceeded to remove the smallest pair of knickers i have

    ever seen, and they were saturated, just like the fingers on my right hand, warm sticky and wet.

    I plan on

    spending a quiet phero free day today, feeling a little wasted havent got around to having a shave yet.
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