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    Question Questions about A1 & IMPI... Plus: Some advise about a great mix for young people.

    Edit: come on

    people.. 99 views and not even one reply?

    Is there no one here with experience with

    A1 & IMPI?

    Prelog note: At least read the questions at purple part of the

    post please ^_^;

    So I've been using `mones for a looong while.
    I love`em... no doubt

    But before we get to the meaty part of this post, let's start with a little bit of history,

    apologie\explanation, and most important: My advise!

    Since I've bought a series of about 8 different products

    on LS, I haven't been visiting the forums very much. And even when I did - I didn't comment. This ain't going to

    change, but I apologize for it. I have written a long, very detailed report of hits, thinking I'll upload it when I

    finished... but the hits just kept on coming (honest)... and so, instead of fnishing my report, I ended up living my

    life and not taking the time to get on writing it
    So you all missed out on it and now I don't think I even

    have it anymore (or may the first few pages still be barried somewhere on my PC?). So for that - my apologies.

    What I can do about it is give my advice (bottom lines of my personal reaserch on `mones).


    the BEST advise I have to give would be prefeared by the 21-25 year olds of us, as I am myself 23, and

    was about 20 or 21 when I started using them.
    And that advice would be to use

    DD Lite. That is the

    general advise. I myself used that mix only a few times. Later on I devised my own amount of SOE, and my own

    amount of TE. I would have to agree with the very expirienced guys here on the forums, and say that a `mone user

    should be aware of his own, specific, `mone signature. The amount of `mones one should use, is specific to his own

    body. To truly understand what I mean, keep on reading the forum until you're so full of it that you know it all by


    I myself, use mostly (and almost daily), the next mix:

    1.5 inch stripe of SOE on my wrist (rubbed across both of my wrists).

    - about

    1.5 or 2 inch stripe (depending on my mood that morning) of SOE on the right side of my neck - rubbed

    in a little.

    - (again) about 1.5 or 2 inch stripe (depending on my mood that morning) of

    SOE on the left side of my neck - rubbed in a little.

    - about 2 inch

    stripe of SOE on the right side of my hip... some of it peeking out of my pants, and some of it

    calling her from beneath my pants.

    - (again) about 2 inch stripe of SOE on the

    left side of my hip... some of it peeking out of my pants, and some of it calling her from beneath my


    - 1 full dub of TE split between two fingertips, and then each

    fingertip smeared on down from the back of my ear and down through the jawline - all the way to where the fingertips

    meet: at the tip of my jaw.

    - 1 dub of TE split between two fingertips,

    and then each fingertip is rubbed on one shoulder and spread out as much as possible throughout that


    - 1 relatively small dub of TE spread as a straight line on my

    pubic hair (I used to shape it as a down-arrow lol.. feel free to do so.. I'm not sure if it has an affect on them,

    but it's funny).

    what's left on my fingers I rub on my chest (mostly the upper side of


    - Nowadays, as I'm in a relationship, I also spread the tinyest amount of

    SOE on my cheekbones - while I'm smiling. I DO think it has an effect... after checking it for a long

    while, I can advise that it even helps me smile more... aaand, when u smile, the `mone has a better chance of

    spreading onto the air... so the girl feels better when when she makes you smile - and an NLP anchor is produced

    On a sidemark - I use Edge Essentials (Arouser Blend) instead of

    The Edge. I use SOE Unscented. And I usually use Pacco Raban's XS perfume\cologne as a cover.

    That is defenetly my number one favorite mix. I use it a whole lot. And girls at age range of 18 to 25 throw

    themselves at me on a twice-a-weekly (sometimes even daily) basis. The 16 year olds now look at me more as a friend,

    and don't start conversations as often as before, but I guess I'm getting too old for those little chicks anyway

    (The SOE [nol] does work with them, but the TE [none] get's them a bit more causious... some of them

    don't even mind the TE.. and actually like it just as well as the 18 year olds).

    So anyhow, after almost two

    years (or so) of using that mix, I realized it's not only a sexual mix, but also a friendly mix (it DOES have lots

    of nol in it).

    And here I find myself in a wonderful relationship... after having so much casual sex that I

    even started to get sick of it.
    Bare in mind, that if you want to get results with this mix - you HAVE to sometimes

    make contact.. as in: get out of your home, talk, even make

    "accidental-`oh-our-hands-just-happened-to-brush-each-other`" looks... that give away that "I didn't do it on

    perpouse, but I certainly don't mind touching you *wink*" vibe. I hope you got what i mean hehe.

    So I'm in

    this relationship with a lot of attention - which I really missed having. Now, this girl is SO hot. She blushes all

    the time - which really turns me on. And she's totally got the hots for me. She'd have the hots even without the

    `mones, but I don't know how she would handle it if I go off them lol. She absolutly adores the smell. We've been

    together for about a month and a half and already I can't count the number of times she said things like: "How do

    you smell so good EVEN in the mornings?!" and "Did you bring your own soap? You didn't? I don't get it... Is your

    smell so powerfull that it shines through even when you use the soap in MY shower? My god, you smell so great!".

    Seriously - I am saying the mear truth here... she said both of those things (and more like them). I remind you - I

    am 23 years old... and she by the way, is 24.

    So now you got that the mix I use (more of a spread than a mix but

    nevermind that...) is great both as a sex addition (although girls did have somewhat of a tendency to develop

    some feelings towards me after a while), but also as a relationship booster.
    The sex is great, which does help out

    here, but the smell helps in things like: making us smile more, want to be together more, talk and be chatty, be

    touchy, lie down and spoon each other after sex... you know... be more of a couple material. Take in to account that

    if I were to not return the same kind of vibe (as I did to a different girl)... she'd still want sex

    - yep... worked too. But then again... why won't I give that vibe back? She's gorgeous and wonderful and


    On a sidenote - if you want to attract the 25-30something year olds... PI and NPA

    are your `mones

    So now that I dealt with the old - on with the new!

    I've been

    wanting to try this for such a long time. I have 8 different types of `mone-products, but one product I didn't buy

    `coz it said "don't buy this if you're a newbie". I wasn't a noob, but it was the first time I bought from LS so

    I didn't buy it. And now, I've used SOE & TE (EE) so much, that I had to re-order... so I bought this one too: The

    notorious A1!

    (also known as A-1, Andro1, Andro-1 and


    The most interesing post I read about it was


    rchid]this one[/COLOR]
    . It talks about A1 being more of a pair bonder `mone than a `mone

    designed to attract people into a relationship or a one night stand.

    I was very curious

    about it for a loooong while, and still am. Only now - I can check it out. I bought a full stregnth bottle


    A1, and I'm ready to add it to my


    My mix feels SOooOoooOoOooOOOOooOooOo good, that I can't just start from A1 by

    itself. So I intent on starting by sabstituting the TE on the shoulders with a dub of A1 on each shoulder. I might

    even try it tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll have the effect of adding an "I'm starting to fall inlove with him and I

    think I might be ready to admit it" vibe to her feelings & thoughts

    In addition,

    I'm so curious about all the reaserch going on LS, that I bought IMPI Original. I bought the original because the

    unscented versions seem to go very well with me. And yet I'm not sure how to use it. I'm not sure if it'd be wise

    to mix it, or if it'd be wise to test it on her for the first field test... or should I first test it as a

    mearly social `mone?

    I hope this long post was of benefit and interesting for you. And

    now please... pleeease please... Can you give any advise? Both about A1 or IMPI...?

    I'll be here to

    check the replys as soon as I can.
    Meanwhile, have fan `mone-users!
    May we all be as practical & as spiritual

    as the blade of scent
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