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    Default Can people become de-sensitized to mones?

    If you wear a pheromone every day for quite a while and see the same people such as in a work or

    classroom setting, can these people become de-sensitized?

    Married people, this question is directed towards

    you, too. If you wear it around your spouse often, do you start noticing a diminishing of effects on them?


    realize people's moods change and due to that people don't always respond the same every time, but I'm talking

    about long term. Would people respond as well to, say SOE, the 100th time you've been around them wearing it as

    they did the first few times?

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    Short answer: yes, but not on

    such a scale that it really effects results.

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    In my experience yes, and with

    increasingly reduced results. I'm sure something is going on at a biological level but the old brain gets used to

    it, filters it out and the exciting becomes the mundane.

    I can say no amount of or combination mones seems to do

    much for my exwife, GF or family. Results are at best extremely subtle. They probably have me plugged too well. At

    work I can observe the diminishing returns as each week wanders by. My coworkers don't know me as well as family or

    lovers but nevertheless get used to my mixes, albeit at a reduced rate. The best counter to this problem is to

    rotate mixes and that seems to keep 'em on their toes.
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    FIrst when I used mones I

    got a phero buzz and got it the first couple of times.. But after some time I got used to it and I can feel the

    mones doesn't work the same on me anymore as they used to do..
    But when you meet a girl you like you get aroused

    and turned on.. But as you get used to it and know her better it diminishes as time goes by.. You get used to her

    like the mones..
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    Yeah, I'm sure other people

    indeed can get desensitized if you are wearing the same mones around them everytime. I've experienced this with a

    co-worker of mine. I've been experimenting with Chikara and SoE and was amazed at the results - she was clearly

    attracted to that mix. So I've been using it for months - always 2 sprays C7 and some good stripes SoE. Well, in

    the last time the effects were minimal - sometimes as if I've been non-existant. I've changed back to a

    combination of Alter Ego and SoE and her reaction changed again to a much higher degree of attention for me. So it

    is advisable to change your phero-signature every now and then, so that people you are seeing often don't get used

    to them.

    That's the beauty of a modular approach to pheros - if the pheros you are wearing consist of

    several different products you can simply change the amount of some mones, or leave one or the other out of the mix,

    and you've already changed your signature. That's why I will stay away from all-in-one products in the future...

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    The all-in-one premixed product

    is great for spraying on the run, especially when heading to social events, bars, etc. Although it's nice to

    observe effects on co-workers, etc., I don't really care if they build a tolerance. After all, I have a solid

    social relationship with them to begin with (& don't want intimate relations with co-workers!). My main concern is

    first impressions with strangers and new friends, i.e., potential lovers. An old mix never gets old for them! Once

    in a relationship, mones--even with rotating mixes--become increasingly less effective, and less necessary I might

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    Default if you are a public person,

    meaning that you wear mones at work let's say and you come into contact not only with your co-workers but

    customers, mones may lose their effectivness over time with your co-workers but it's always a brand new ballgame

    with the customers. I would posit that your co-workers sensing that the customers like you or find you attractive,

    that would then reinforce your co-workers inititial mones impression of you, you just can't lose is what I'm


    Well, Sue and I aren't married but we've lived together for nearly 8 years now. As that I

    don't wear mones so often anymore, I only wear them when I think it might be to my advantage, she mostly comments

    on it when I do wear them, "oh, you smell so nice", etc.. When I was wearing them practically every day, she

    barely noticed.
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