Hello! I've been buying chikara and SOE.. I also have NPA but rarely use it.. any way..i'm 23 hispanic and i

love the scent of chikara.. I first started off just using C7.. then i bought SOE unscented.. I want to continue

to use this combo, but i'm not sure on the dosage.. So far I use:
6in. on each side of neck and 6 in on

wrist and rub together of SOE...
3 sprays of C7. 1 on each side of neck and one on wrist and rub together...

I think it makes somewhat of A difference.. I used to get good compliments from just C7 alone, but i've read that

soe unscented and C7 were good combos.. I know they are cuz this chick at work smells me all the times and cant let

go of my neck.. Thats what i'm looking for.. but i cant get that same experience at the club.. I'm not shy or

nothing like that..
I just want other girls to say the same thing too.. or atleast allow me to "hone in" on

"symptoms" of a potential target.. anyway.. u guys think im putting too much on? or too little..