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    Default Chikara or



    My bottle of Chikara is nearly empty, so it's time to maybe get another one. But I'm unsure if I

    shouldn't try this time. I believe both are created to enhance a social vibe with maybe some sexual vibe

    put into it. My results with Chikara were fairly good, but not overwhelming. So I want to ask the people on this

    board who used both C7 and AQ, how these two compare in effectiveness and results and which one they prefer. I still

    have a bottle of the Beta AQ in my bathroom, but at the amount of up to 5 drops that I've seen recommended on this

    board, the smell of it just gets too strong for my taste, so I would order the unscented version. If I'm not

    mistaken, the formula of AQ is now a little different to the one of the beta batch, right?

    Okay, hoping for

    some recommendations!

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    I like (unscented) AQ and have

    been wearing it most of the time for months now. It does stink but it isn't hard to cover. Women seem to like it,

    get a lot of good hits in my daily life and I'm certain it isn't my charm that gets them. Of the two, in my

    opinion, AQ is the better.
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    I hvae tried C7 and to me it

    only gives of the motormouth effect or the helpfull salesperson, or talky haircutter.. Nothing real sexual but a

    fairly good social mone..

    I've used the AQ (unscented) too, and to me it's not the same motormouth.. It's more

    like people want's to talk more to you about something interesting instead of just talking to keep them from

    falling asleep (the impression I've gotten from C7).. And people are more friendly towards me and are more relaxed

    and social instead of needy and sticky kinda types..

    I would recommend AQ..
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    Thanks a ton to you two - then

    AQ will be my next order from LS (plus a new bottle of SoE)...

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    I like Chikara better, but

    particularly when mixing and used in small doses. It can be used by itself too, but really reaches its potential

    mixed (with Edge, etc.), and used one small spray at a time to round out the mix, IMHO. I've had major, major

    successes with this approach, including a serious girlfriend who was much younger than me.

    I got lots of

    trust and comfort reactions by itself, and the occasional strong hit.

    AQ didn't do much for me, other than

    generally slightly positive social interactions. I've never received a strong hit while wearing it, though it's

    better than nothing for me.
    DrSmellThis (creator of P H E R O S)

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