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    Default Body Building/Improving oneself

    Hello everyone,

    This summer I'm going all out on improving myself before college starts back up again. I've

    decided to make myself lose a bunch of weight say about 15-20lbs and gain some muscle mass.

    At the moment I'm

    using Whey protein, does anyone have any experiences with this.

    As a supplement to my pheromones, I'm trying to

    find the right one for myself and I'm starting to take omega 3 fatty acids for that (which lowers my cholesterol 2


    Nootropics (Brain enhancement) havent heard much about them but I think I am going to take some too.

    Does anyone know/ have exprienced using it in a test enviroment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShyAsianGuy26 View Post
    Nootropics (Brain enhancement) havent heard much about them but I think I am going to

    take some too. Does anyone know/ have exprienced using it in a test enviroment?
    You might want to look

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    eat 5 to 6 meals every 3 hours

    which includes protien and carbs, around the size of your fist should be fine for each portion. As for the whey

    protien, take it straight after training, thats when your muscles really need it.

    Take a good multi vitamin

    also to prevent illnesses. Thats al you need, dont use all the advanced stuff yet as your just starting out and you

    will gain a lot naturally.

    Also drink plenty of water throughout the day and try and get at least 7 hrs sleep

    for muscle recovery.

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    5'10" Asian, 180

    pounds. I've been trying to lose about 15-20 pounds also. So far I'm pretty successful. I've lost 6% body fat and

    4 pounds in two weeks. Most people think it's not impressive, but it works for me. I still eat like a horse, but I

    can fit into some of my high school clothes now. I feel great, and a lot stronger. I spend about 45 minutes with

    strength training in the morning, and 15-30 (depends on intensity) minutes with cardio at night so that way I have a

    high metabolism spike after each session.

    What I did:
    Eat about 5 meals/day (3 main, two snacks)

    fiber intake to about 30 grams/day.
    Drink roughly 1 gallon water/day.
    Strength Workout for two days in the

    morning, then one day of rest, and repeat.
    Cardio every day in the evening (15 - 30 mins).
    Plenty of sleep (8


    I break my strength training as follows:
    Day 1: Chest, Glutes, Biceps, Shoulders, Abs
    Day 2: Back,

    Triceps, Forearms, Legs
    Every body part is hit with three different exercises with 3 sets of 10-12 reps of each

    exercise. Ex. Chest is (Decline pushup, incline pushup, regular pushup) I keep little rest as possible that way to

    create an aerobic sort of effect.

    Friend is personal trainer, and I get tips from him for free since I tutor him

    in math. Idea is to burn fat, so working out the big muscle groups gives you more muscle, which burns more fat at


    As for cardio, I do all sorts of things. Interval training, jogging, sprinting, swimming. Cardio is boring

    for a lot of people, even body builders, which is why I included a friend, and we usually try something different

    everyday. For example, yesterday we practiced kendo until we were both out of breath, rested, and went at it some


    Fiber, helps keep you full as does water.

    Lately been thinking of going to buy some BCAAs to use post


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