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    Default Alpha 7 problems

    Has anyone

    else had THIS problem.

    My A7 unscented, is, unscented. I have an extrememly sensitive nose, and can smell

    nothing. So much so that I have used 20 drops at a time and have not had anyone be able to smell anything AT


    Over 50 of my customers and friends and not one person could even say
    "YOU STINK!"

    Believe me, my

    friends will and do say everything with blunt honesty. They would tell me if I smelled like a gym sock.


    thing too is, I tried the same bottle on several different friends, all starting with one drop and going up to ten

    and had the same thing with them. This rules out my personal body chemistry in my opinion.

    I have tried it

    several different ways as well, freshly scrubbed skin, with and without cologne (chanel egoiste), and with or

    without scented soap.

    I have also seen NO signs of OD. No headache, foul odor, etc. All the precautions with

    the A7 state to be so very careful due to the pungent aroma. I got nothing at all out of it.

    Any suggestions?
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