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    Default Bruce. Talk to Shipping Department Please...

    Hey Bruce.. HOws things going?! anyway.. BTW, great site... I love it! ever since i found it..

    ok well, i usually buy chikara from you guys like once a month.. and you guys are pretty fast about the shipping

    and everything, no problem there.. But last shipment, i ordered chikara and when i got it, well i guess someone

    pushed the cap on too much or something and the packaging inside was covered in chikara.. as soon as i opened it, it

    was all over soaked inside.. i'd say maybe about 1/4 of the bottle was gone.. rememebr, this is like my third

    purchase of chikara, so i know how much comes in it when its "full". well anyway.. from what i've read, it seems

    that ur a easy going kinda guy.. i'm not asking for any compensation or nothing, cuz i still love the chikara and

    i still used the remaining contents, but i am going to purchase another bottle later today, and i was hoping that

    maybe you can tell the shipping department to be a little more careful when shipping this stuff.. I would hate to

    pay good money again and have it delivered to me 3/4 full again.. but like i said.. Still a happy shopper!

    Peace. any comments for me, please e-mail me at: since i'm not able to

    private message you on here.. thanx again!

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    Actually, it's easier and

    fairer to just give you a refund on 1/4 the cost of the Chikara. That is what I would normally do, and there is

    only so much they can do to wrap up those bottles. Stuff just gets crushed by the PO sometimes, and sometimes the

    bottle arrives to us low and we just don't notice it. Anyway, send me an email with the full name and date on the

    order, and I will fix you up with a partial refund on that, no problemo.

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    Cool. Thanx Alot Bruce..

    I emailed the customer service email with my name and order number. Thanx again. I've been using two different

    methods of payment so i hope that they read the letter carefully.

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