Hi All,


looking for some input on what might be a good start for me. As I read more and more, it seems like age and physical

characteristics makes some difference, so here's what I got. 43 yrs old, 5'6", 185 lbs, muscular gym rat... not so

approachable looking and kind of an alpha... just being honest here. Once the ladys get to know me though it's

cool, cause I'm really not all that... but its the intial perception from how I look I guess. Anyway, I bought some

Chikara and some Pheros, along with some NPA... I also got a little sampler of the SOE gel. I gotta tell you... from

one of the posts I read, I tried some Pheros with a dab of NPA and a nice line of SOE before I got a massage the

other day. I can honestly tell you that the 22 year old girl that I go to got really frisky and we got into some

kinky conversation... she kept saying how hot it was in the room, but I was comfortable. She even got to the point

where she was fanning herself with her hand. Something was up with that, so I'm a believer... just looking for a

nice combo that will work for me. Now the Chikara hasnt seemed to have that effect so far. What do you folks think?

Lots of good posts here, so I'll keep going through them. Thanks!