Hello all,


been reading all of the info I could find this week on pheronomes and placed an order which arrived promptly today

(thanks Love-Scents!).

After doing some research I opted for the sample packs along with gel packs of C7, SOE

and AE. $45 for some experimentation seems like a good deal.

After receiving the package at work today I was

interested in smelling C7 since I like Musks anyway. I must say it's not bad. It really wasn't a gel substance, it

was definately liquidfied which I'm fine with even though it made it a little tricky getting small amounts out of

the pack.

As for the dosage, should I apply the same common sense with C7 as I would with any colonge? As in if

I can smell it on myself, anyone fairly close to me can as well? I wouldn't think that one would want to have this

thick cloud following them around.

I'm looking forward to doing alot of experimenting this weekend! I'll

report back later.