Hi All,
I have been meaning to respond to various posts regarding Primal and whether it is still \"what it used to be\". Here is part of an e-mail I wrote to a customer today on the subject. My 2 cents. hope it helps.
Hello ----,

I have been meaning to answer some of these posts, but it is a long complex affair so I have been holding off.

First of all a pheromone product is not magic, it is only as \"good\" as:
1. The quantity and quality of its pheromone ingredients
2. Line up (type) of actual pheromone ingredients
3. Delivery system (bottle, spray/dropper etc. convenience)
4. Added fragrance (if any)

Primal has always been and still is very good for an unfragranced product and is very economical considering the amount of pheromone you get for the money, and it is still more ore less the same product (the \"old\" version), though the carrier oil is apparently a bit runnier. They still use the same bottle and same amount and type of pheromone per bottle. The difference is that:
A. They caused a LOT of confusion and frustration for customers by introducing the scented formula without any explanation or even changing the label.
B. A LOT of new and maybe better products have come out in the mean time.
C. They made a superficial change in the carrier oil that is alerting customers to the fact that \"something is different\".

Personally, I think the current \"old Primal\" is still the \"good old Primal\" and is very handy to carry, and lasts an incredibly long time and mixes in with other products very well. BUT maybe it is not a best \"first product\" anymore, because you can buy something like the Edge for about 1/3 the price (on sale) and get plenty of androstenone and other stuff as well.

This brings me to your case in particular. The only reason I can think of for you to return the PI (and it is a good one perhaps) is that you have a bottle of Edge in there. You really don\'t \"need\" PI if you have Edge, unless you are really the experimental type and want a source of pure androstenone to boost your combos in just the specific direction you want.

Hope that helps. I will post this to the board. See if it gets some discussion going.