2 Dabs Pheros (I

love the scent) 1-2 sprays each of a couple products similar to SOE and one dab NPA. Two very interesting sets of

results with this mix.

First: I am at a committee meeting wearing this. I am the only male present. Attractive

black female approximately 40 whom I know and am friends with spends the entire time twirling her hair. I have been

around her quite a bit and have never seen her do this before. Doesn't mean she does not twirl her hair, but I have

not seen it.

Second: I am outdoors standing near a couple caucasion females I know quite well, one is early 40s

other is late 40s maybe early 50s. I am standing there while they are talking with my signifcant other, suddenly the

older one looks at me and asks if that is me she is smelling. She states she first thought it was a passerby until

she kept smelling it and homed in on me. (She is 3 feet away or so and catching whiffs off the breeze). I say I

guess so wondering if this is good or bad. She then goes on to say how much she loves the scent and wants to know

what cologne it is. She says she needs to know the name of what I am wearing so she can get some for her significant

other becasue she wants him to smell that good. I tell her I have a couple colognes and I am not sure which one I am

wearing. She keeps going on about how good it smells. She then grabs the other woman and they move about 4-5 feet

away from me because "the smell is too good and she can't take it anymore". Unfortunately she puts herself downwind

and a few minutes later exclaims she is still getting slight whiffs of of my cologne. For the next 15-20 minutes she

keeps looking at me with puppy-dog eyes.

This same female once just stopped in front of me with a big silly grin

repeating how she had not seen me in a while when I had a couple sprays of another product that had a mix of social

mones with a good dose of none in it.