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    Default How to pull blue toenails&still look straight

    How to pull off blue Finger&Toe nails & still look straight?

    How to pull off blue Finger&Toe

    nails & still look straight & masculine?

    Should i paint my toenails Blue 4 customer


    Should i paint my fingernails and toenails Blue for cutomer service day


    Blue is the official color of customer service week and on monday we are all encouraged to wear blue .

    I got

    blue flip flops(last summer) , Blue denim shorts a blue shirt and spikers blue hair gel

    Also i dont want to come

    across as a cross dresser per se altho the blue toe nails and blue fingernails might make me look more femm than i

    want to

    Any suggestions on how to remasculinize my appearance if i stoop as low a painting my finger and toe

    nails ?

    Splash on Drakkar ?
    Extra amounts of swagger ?

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    Well I love makeup and stuff on

    men! Nothing wrong with looking a bit camp imo. It's quite punky these days to wear eye liner or nail varnish, so

    do it with style and don't worry about what people think!

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    You could do what I

    did last Thursday and drop a thirty pound side panel to an equipment rack across your toes. My big toenail is an

    interesting blue color now. :

    I got talked into a pedicure a couple of years ago and found them

    enjoyable, so I get them done once in a while. I've let the girl put clear on the toenails a couple of times and

    that was ok, but I myself couldn't handle colored polish on them as I often wear only flip flops. Maybe a younger,

    hipper guy could get away with colored polish. I don't know how you could make it look more manly, though.

    I understand that there was a line of men's colors introduced a few years ago by one manufacturer but I

    don't think it went over too well as society isn't ready for that yet.

    Manicures are ok too, but kind of a

    waste of money for me as my job is so hard on the fingernails. But it is kind of fun if you can get them both done

    at the same time, one girl working on your feet while another works on your hands.

    Don't mean to hijack the

    thread, but I've noticed that all the nail technicians seem to be Asian. I'm guessing mainly Korean or Vietnamese.

    There was a Chinese grocer in my town when I was younger who owned several stores. Each one had living quarters in

    the back. He would sponsor people to come over to America from China with the agreement that they would then work

    for him for a set number of years. I was wondering if the nail technicians come into this country under a similar


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