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    Default Androstadienone Ineffective If VNO Is Blocked

    Interesting approach - instead of wrangling about in the VNO debate (it's not wired up to the brain,

    can't prove it works so it doesn't, etc.), simply do a counter-experiment!

    It's well established that

    androstadienone has various effects on women. Soooo... how 'bout blocking their VNOs and see if androstadienone

    still has an effect? Guess what - block the VNO and you block the effects:


    Hey, they used to say the human appendix was a useless vestigal organ too

    (has an immune system function turns out, maybe more)...

    It's preliminary info with more verification to be

    done. If the little VNO does turn out to be truly operational lets digest that truth and move


    Discussion on this topic can be found by

    clicking here.
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