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    Default Pheromones and congruency

    I used

    pheromones a long time ago without coming to any certain conclusions. Instead I forget about them and worked on my

    game instead. Although I still have a lot to learn I think I have become really good at reading people, controlling

    my own body language and decent at controlling my own state (the most crucial factor when you interact with


    My experience from the field is that attraction can be created simply through attitude and being

    unreactive (i.e. being cool). But things like cloths, body language and looks certainly helps as well.


    females looks for congruency, i.e. that you actually are cool not just pretending to be. Without congruency initial

    attraction is mostly useless.

    Let’s assume that pheromones in pheromone products send out certain signals

    like alphaness, thrust, comfort, relaxation etc. Then we still have the problem that the user needs to be congruent

    with the message. If you are not alpha but send out alpha pheromones your behavior will not be congruent with what

    you send out. Which is why I think friendly guys who often end up in the friend zone should not try to use “none” at

    all since this will come out as incongruent to women.

    Actually I see the whole congruency issue to be the

    biggest problem with mones. You will have different doses on different times due to factors such as buildup and how

    much time that has gone by since your last application. So if you talk to a women on day one, date her on day two

    and try to sleep with her on day three how can you avoid coming off as incongruent since you pheromone message will

    probably differ between those days?

    As I understand it there is some overlap between the pickup and the

    pheromone community. So for people that actually are in the field what are your experiences with mones? What do you

    think is the advantages and disadvantages of using them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGuy
    I see the whole

    congruency issue to be the biggest problem with mones.

    About a year ago my circumstances changed

    and I found myself in a new area, with difficulties starting over. I became a loner, and it really got me


    Before this time I was the life of the party. Really delusionally confident...most days I felt high on

    life, everyday was a thrill to be alive. I can't even explain, I am dying to go back to that feeling. I was also

    very much a social-butterfly, a leader, knew lots of people, fun to be around, etc.

    This past year, all that has

    been nonexistent, along with my dating/sex life. I haven't even kissed a girl since '05. Yeah, pathetic.

    That's why I started using 'mones...I thought there was something wrong with me.

    Girls used to always check me

    out, do the DIHL thing, approach me, etc. etc. So when it stopped, I began to question I not

    good-looking any more? I craved for that female validation. That's why I started using 'mones.

    It worked, I

    got the attention. But I think it was mostly because I was consciously noticing it. That's the conclusion I've

    come to after making many threads about my PI experiences/hits. I used to be so depressed with my head down, I

    didn't notice girls who WERE checking me out before. 'Mones helped, but without the proper game, the hits were

    meaningless, and have been.

    The hottest chicks in town have been fawning over me, but I've felt so unconfident

    that I keep think I'll get rejected if I show interest or attraction in them, even when they approached!


    see, the thing is...what I've finally come to realize is the true importance of confidence all along. Back then,

    confidence did exactly what 'mones have done for me recently - get me noticed by women. College cheerleaders would

    get sexual on me back then without ' was pure confidence. Back then I was still the same out-of-shape

    guy but I had such a strong belief in myself that I could get girls wet just looking at me. I remember I was so

    confident I truly believed that if a girl didn't smile at me or show attraction it was because she was too nervous

    because I was too hot for her. That is SUCH a DIFFERENT state of mind that I've been in lately. You don't

    understand how powerful that type of thinking is when you truly truly believe it to be your reality.

    Short story,

    this past week I've met more people than I've met in the past 3 months. I'm slowly building that confidence

    back. I now "get it" that all the times I was insecure about being the center of all went back to my

    confidence issues. I believe I actually have some true 'alpha' nature in me because of my past

    reckless/fearless/irrational behavior, I do resemble some alpha qualities.

    Anyway, yeah, I definitely recommend

    before using 'mones that you question your reason for using them. There should be a pre-requirement of CONFIDENCE

    before using 'mones, otherwise you'll feel worse about all the opportunities you miss daily.

    I'll keep using

    'mones because I like the edge, and now with the growing confidence, I don't feel so pressured as the center of

    attention because it's feeling natural again. From now on, I won't be reporting hits as girls flipping hair,

    approaching me, or staring/etc...those are all things that should be happening to me by default for being my

    confident self. Hits, from now on will consist of make-outs, and sex...results.

    By the way, I wish you the best

    of luck in achieving a similar congruence with your 'mone signature. Don't underestimate the importance of


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    Quote Originally Posted by smooth312
    I wish you the

    best of luck in achieving a similar congruence with your 'mone signature. Don't underestimate the importance of

    smooth, this is an excellent post. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can relate to

    that. It's been ups and downs for me. The real ups are not from mones, but from my confidence.

    Pheromones can

    be so strong that they could give you the desired results like new relationships, sex, ... - but even if they

    do and you act upon it, without confidence you attribute your success to chemicals that you buy in expensive bottles

    - not to yourself! And this attitude does not help your real confidence.

    What does it do to my confidence if I

    have sex with a girl who I used to believe is way more attractive than I am - and my unconscious mind "knows" that

    it is because I "tricked" her with chemicals? It's not date rape, it's not illegal, I don't even think it's

    unethical (because she is not forced to do anything against her will) - but what message does it send to my

    unconscious mind? It is not a message of self confidence - only a message of external pheromone confidence.

    And as we all know, results from pheromones are not reliable, they come and go. BTW I believe that's good because

    otherwise one could become addicted to that stuff.

    So here is what works: Use mones for the extra edge, that

    means, for fun! Knowing you don't need them but you just play with them because it's your choice...

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    I think you are right

    about the "dont play the part be the part" thing
    but i disagree on the you dont need mones...

    you do need

    mones cose you have them naturally & use them wheter you like it or not ...

    its tru confidence is key in

    getting laid
    but is not necesserly what blocks somone.

    Take me for exaple : im 28 virgin i can brake the ice

    whenever i feel like it with just about anybody even cute girls. but here is the thing i got unconcious issues to be

    solved so i need mones to get over those

    some ppl even use them to help an already verry good game.


    uses them to change theire mood to make themselves happier

    some uses hormones with them for that congruency


    there is lots of uses & congruency is not necessarly needed if you just whant to learn how to play & then

    Act the part ...

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    I and many others mainly use

    'mones as an enhancement to our business and professional lives. It's sorta like adding oil to help machinery run

    a little smoother. Of course your words, actions and performance must be in harmony or no amount of SOE will get you

    a promotion or a publishing deal. So it ain't a magic pill. You still gotta be the shit to make it.


    I appreciate the extra edge 'mones can provide for initiating romantic and sexual relationships, I did fine without

    them. They merely seem to speed things up a bit, help break the ice, amp things up and provide a little amusement.

    However, once in a relationship you're gotta provide the substance or it falls to crap quickly.

    "As I

    understand it there is some overlap between the pickup and the pheromone community.
    I dunno, but the

    concept of a "pickup" or "pheromone community" strikes me as huge misnomer. Using pheromones ain't a religious

    order or philosophical school of thought anymore than people that like classical music or wear True Religion Jeans.

    Followers of Dirty David strike me as meekgeeks transformed into religious zealots trying to work out their

    salvation. Sort of a Jehovah Witness spawned by
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gegogi
    I did fine without

    If one does fine without mones, then they have a good chance that they will even do better with

    mones, like you do! If they couldn't get anything going without mones, they may not be able to act properly with


    Quote Originally Posted by Gegogi
    However, once in a relationship you're gotta provide the substance or it falls to crap

    That's a good point! If I start using even a tiny amount of (well covered) -none in an

    existing relationship I get reactions like: "I would NEVER have dated you if you had been wearing that musk

    fragrance...". And if I start dating with -none, the girl may be all over me and I am forced to continue or I become

    uninteresting (again, incongruent from her point of view).

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