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    Default Going on holiday

    Hello fellow phero users,

    Im going on holiday tomorrow with my girlfriend and I want to take my pheros with me. What do you think the situation will be at customs when they search my bag? Also my gf doesn\'t know that I use pheros and I want to keep it that way.

    All responses appreciated.

    Paul c

    P.s. in one of the other posts someone said that they mix PI with APC. Has anyone else done that? what effect has it had? Has anyone mixed other pheros like TE with APC?

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    I definitely wouldn\'t have any of the chemistry set components with me. Most of the other pheros seem to have fairly perfume-like labeling. Bottle is labeled \"love-scent\" and you tell them it\'s perfume, I doubt there\'s going to be an issue.

    Mysterious little bottle of clear liquid with a chemical name and organic chemistry diagram on the side could be a bit of bigger deal. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Now, hiding this from the GF... why don\'t you just put your pheros in a old perfume bottle, or put NPA in some real perfume?

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