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    Default Scented Impi (interesting) results - Red, Silver and Yellow

    Well, since I haven't seen any thread about this and the product is relatively new, I thought

    it could be useful if I posted what I'm getting from it... and also to try to confirm the results from people that

    use them too, if you would share it.

    As I stated in the Impi Beta's thread, I've got the Red, Silver and

    Yellow versions; I'm going with the Red until tomorrow or monday.

    1st day
    Didn't shower the night

    before, nor in the morning. Did some light exercises and stretching as usual, not enough to sweat.

    Applied 1

    spray to my adam's apple, then spread to the back of my ears with the wrists. Rubbed the 2 wrists. This was about

    9:30 am, and I went to work at 10 am. Didn't have much contact with women, then had not many notes, but talking

    about percentage, it showed some results.

    I talked with one I don't know much (2:30-3pm), but she seemed to

    be more friendly than in other times. On another side, a known (married) co-worker seemed exatcly the same, or worse

    - trying to keep away. Another one, that is usually friendly, lighly grabbed me by the arm and gave me a bright

    smile when passing by - she usually doesn't use touching.

    Except for the next, I really can't tell if these

    was because of Impi or the excellent mood I was in.

    The one note worth of noting: as I was watching an

    audition at a distance in the room's door, a female colleague was leaving, then she stopped, stood for a second

    staring at me, as in surprise, then had a brief chat and left - she usually barely says "hello".



    Took a bath the night before, and only did strtching in the morning. Applied 2 sprays, one behind each

    ear, then spread to the adam's apple and base of the neck with the wrists. This was about 9:50am.

    During all

    day, people passing by just started chatting out of nothing with a smile, specially in the elevator. This includes

    one woman (mid-40s) that NEVER even says "Hello", nor replies to "Good morning"s. By the end of the day, the smell

    was wearing off, but even then a female co-worker was laughing on any nonsense or joke I did - knowing her, I can

    say it's not normal.

    At 9pm, I was going to a concert in which my cousine (that of the cologne I mentioned

    before) and some friends (aha) woud sing, so I was curious about this experiment. Since the scent was almost off, I

    decided to add one more spray to my adam's apple - and only after this I remembered it wasn't just a


    I undoubtedly OD'ed, since I myself was avoiding the smell, so I just went the theater by foot

    (about 1 mile), wiping the sweat from the neck with my shirt - not the collar. Upon arriving, I met my cousine's

    younger syster (15yo), who was keeping a distance, instead of sticking to me as usual. I then went to the bathroom

    and lighly washed my neck with water only, and that seemed to do the job: I was no more uncomfortable.


    the audition ended (about 11pm), the scent had worn out and I didn't meet any of my cousin's friends I knew, but

    noticed some side looks from others passing by. However, my cousine herself was a bit more cheerful than usual -

    only enough for me to want not to use the thing in a family environment again.

    In all of these days, I

    haven't noticed any reaction (good or bad) from men but "chattability", except for this one: at the theater, yet in

    OD, I met my cousine's boyfriend (very jealous little one), and he indeed had a strong defying look and barely

    talked to me - though this case in particular isn't enough to worry me.

    I don't think I'll have other

    ground for testing today, only maybe tomorrow with a newly made "maybe-friend-maybe-more" (sorry, I'm not from an

    english-talking country, so how can I call that? ), so I decided to report these now, before I forget or lose my

    notes. Seeya.

    Err... now that I notice it, sorry for the size of this post, I'll try to make the next

    ones shorter.
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    Ok, I thought I wouldn't have

    anything new for today, but yesterday evening I got a call from a friend. My group of friends was going to meet at a

    bar at night, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to field-testing in a male environment - and (before you

    get me wrong ) for now I'm more interested in the reactions than in achieving true results, that's why I'm

    first using Impi in occasions when I know what I should expect from the people present.

    Note: I must

    state, if that matters, that it's a very close group of friends in their 20's, from whom I've been away in the

    past weeks, so there may have been the "surprise" element, since I didn't say I would be present.

    I may have

    used about 1.25 spray, 'cause the first spray didn't go full. I waited about 30 minutes before going out, so I

    must have been at the place on about 40 minutes after applying.

    Well, it was pretty interesting. After the

    "surprise" effect lowered down, I noticed the most "women-active" guys (alpha?) had a strange look on me and didn't

    seem to want to talk, including one with wich I have good empathy. In this first moment, I was only able to really

    talk with the other calmer, more "monogamic-oriented" (beta?) ones. However, after some 3 hours there, the situation


    Well, knowing those people, it's normal for the conversations to flow in groups of 2 or 3 at once,

    and people too swap from one mini-group to another - that should indeed be the normal behaviour in a large group -

    but the interesting thing is it was neatly polarizing, whatever "mini-group" I went in.

    I'm still a bit

    skeptical about the 'mones effect, so I'm tending to think it's a bit of paranoia and coincidence - since I was

    away from these people for some time, and would be expectable that each one wished to "exchange news" - and I may

    have missed to perceive similar occurrences in other times, so I came here with a few doubts...

    1) if any,

    which of this behaviour can be Impi's effect? An which surely not?

    2) does anybody know about this new

    Impi's composition? Should it really cause these effects (including those in the other post)?

    3) if none of

    the above matches, what reactions should I expect?

    Thanks for your attention, and for any reply you could

    post here.

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    I found IMPI to have effects

    somewhat similat to TE, but milder or reduced. So while it's a decent product, TE gives a lot more bang for the

    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for your reply Gegogi. I

    can't (yet) compare to TE except for price, since the beta Impis were about $ 10 cheaper. Good to know, and

    I'll take this advice when I finish the bottles, 'cause then it'll be the normal price.

    On another hand, I

    just went through the beta thread again, but read it entirely this time, and discovered the answers to my questions

    were all there. I fell such a dumba$$ for that, sorry. Anyway, it seems the results I'm getting is what it should

    be, what I find great. This week may be fun then.

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    Ok, now this begins to be

    interesting. I always believed in the power of scents, since we react diferently about (excuses for the radical

    example) food, flowers, or a fart. Therefore, I can't ommit some (interesting) facts.
    (Edit: I know pheros are

    not about scents; I was going to comment about Impi's scents and their subtleties, but decided I need some more


    General observations
    All in all, women in twenties to mid-thirties (my age range) not on

    pills seem to be a lot more responsive. Haven't engaged long conversations with past-40 women, but in my gammar

    class, for example, the only two women clearly aroused (I was in classes with them before) are exactly the ones that

    matches this. And the signs are really clear: shaking feets and/or legs ponting to me, side glances, hair fidgeting,

    etc. But then comes the strange...

    Episode #1
    I decided to give red a last try, so I applied two

    sprays as usual, but immediately left home to a party. I met that same cousin there by chance (I seldom met her

    thrice in a week) and we had a brief hug as usual. A few minutes later, there would come a friend of ours, so I

    waited him to arrive and left them, going to another part of the housing - they had long time not seen each other,

    so better let them talk.

    To keep it short, I met her again after our friend had left, and upon meeting, she

    gave me a decided, bright-out-of-the-blue, loudly resonant *slap* in the arm, asking "Why did you leave us


    And while I was still like this: she explained. They're really close and nice friends, and

    usually *only* (though they once were briefly and slightly more than that ), but this time "he was weird". She

    kept telling he was all over her, touching and hugging and smelling and talking and she was really embarassed -

    after all, she has a boyfriend, and he knows that.

    I must say, I could not be a single bit more, nor less

    exactly better described as... err... yes, call it "shocked". I didn't get it then, but after thinking a while,

    need to confirm:
    1) is Impi really a men-only product?
    2) IF that initial hug (must've been some 15-20

    minutes after applied) put some Impi on her, is it possible that the stuff had effected the guy? I believe any

    reaction to Impi should come from women, and/or towards a man... right? Or else, I'll be more careful with


    Besides that, I also know that distance may raise some feelings and could have some (if not all)

    influence in this case, but... to that extent? Anyway, I'm still looking for an appropriate moment and excuse to

    spray some red on a woman and watch if anything happens.

    Episode(s) #2
    This has happened some

    times with Impi Silver and Yellow... I'm talking with a girl, then the usual sequence begins: loud laughs,

    touching, eye contact, some "envolving ambience"... nothing bad, but nothing else. Then, in a later moment, or the

    following day, a solid "iceberg". As if she shook her head off and thought "gee, what am I doing?"

    This has

    surely happened before Impi, but the weird part is: now it's enough to be near to go back into the same proccess. A

    few times I got a late SMS saying "kiss you good night" and such, and the following day, again into the


    I'm pretty aware of the clear 'mones effects, it's just intriguing how often this became.

    In these cases, any further move ("deeper" kino, get closer) is answered with a drawback. Well, I'm not an

    "aggresive" type, so don't insist much, but don't want to be the "friendly-only" either, in some cases - and I'm

    obviously talking about absolutely single women.

    So, specially if the forum girls would have any tip, what

    could mean all this approach-with-a-distance fenomena? I'm still willing to think I'm not so ugly as to cause

    general panic or next-day-regret, but these cases have never been this often. My guess is that, before the

    'mones, the girls I could really go into this were the ones with whom I had gotten real rapport, and now they just

    come by the... err... "scent", but get stuck at something.

    I already changed my wardrobe... should I brush my

    teeth harder?
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    I've just received my

    Beginners Kit. The Edge (which is not a spray bottle), has an alcohol smell which you usually smell in a hospital. I

    guess this is not the Sandalwood Edge. The Musk Oil has a light musky smell. Anyway, I'm going to cover them with

    Pherlure since it has a sharp nice smell (at least for me). I'll be on holiday for 5 days i.c.w. the Muslim

    festival "Eid-Ul-Fitri" (a festival after the month of Ramadan, the fasting month). So I'll have plenty of time to

    experiment with the Kit. I also received 4 pcs of "Perception" gel pack. See you all later.


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