Man goes to great trouble to

acquire knowledge of the material world. He learns all branches of mundane science. He explores the earth and even

travels to the moon. But he never tries to find out what exists within himself. Because he is unaware of the

enormous power hidden within him, he looks for support in the outer world. Because he does not know the boundless

happiness that lies inside his heart, he looks for satisfaction in mundane activities and pleasures. Because he

does not experience the inner love, he looks for love from others.

The truth is that the inner Self of every

human being is supremely great and supremely lovable. Everything is contained in the Self. The creative power of

this entire universe lies inside every one of us. The divine Principle that creates and sustains this world

pulsates within us as our own Self. It scintillates in the heart and shines through all our senses. If, instead of

pursuing knowledge of the outer world, we were to pursue inner knowledge, we would discover the effulgence very


Swami Muktananda (from the book "I am That")