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    Default Newbie Question - External Site - Scam?

    I have an event coming up very shortly, where I reckon some Pheromone will come in handy.

    I don\'t have long, and was looking for a supply in my home country - Australia, for this event, as I can\'t wait for the shipping from elsewhere.

    A guy is selling this stuff - (both on ebay, and out of it)

    I sent him an email asking him a few questions - What is it, how can you say 2ml lasts for 6 months.

    His Response
    Hi Ben

    Thanks for your Question ,
    second question first :
    Yes we are amazed as well !! , using it by the directions in the box , dapping a bit from the end of the bottle , on to your finger , ( its an oil ) then applying under your arm , once a day , 2 ml\'s can last up to 6 months . it is pure oils , so you do not use much ,

    second question : This product does not contain any pheromones , no animal products . It is a pheromone .. It is a secret recipe of pure vegetable oils , Different for Men and Women . and combined with your own pheromones , create the desired effect . The effect is also better after daily use . this stuff works . and last forever . Sorry even I don\'t know the recipe ..

    Thanks again for the feed back . John ----

    Is this bullshit ? And if it is, why are they selling shit stuff in 2mls. If they can make it for nothing, why not sell it in 1oz, and make it look decent ?

    I can also get \"Lure\" and \"Yes\" in Aus. Are these decent ?

    I appreciate your help, as I am a newbie to this \"magic potion\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks In Advance


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    Default Re: Newbie Question - External Site - Scam?

    Vegetable oils enhancing your pheromones, and somebody selling product on such claims? I am amazed at what some people come up with, but this takes the (carrot) cake that vegetable oils might help you mate with.

    I apologize to those offended by sarcasm, but it\'s late and I don\'t know how else to respond to such garbage.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question - External Site - Scam?

    Ok ben (big brother fame by any chance ) only kidding well the best products that do actually work to buy locally here in australia im from the sunshine state is attraction (otherwise known as bodywise) grab yourself a copy of ralph magazine and you should find a little add and where to buy it its got none and nol and will get results shipping can be express posts, which is one day delivery they take credit card details over the phone and also they sell a727 otherwise known here as andro 4.2 that is a none heavy product so be careful with it, the company is called olner (supplies bruce with the product) cheaper to buy here though for americans and europeans shipping from australia is international and its expensive. They are based in sydney but in the long run the even better and more effective [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] products are sold here, as far as ebay we have heard thta they really are a ripoff especially price wise with datemate and APC.

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