The Esoteric Meaning of


In a sense, the state of presence could be compared to waiting. Jesus used the analogy of waiting in

some of his parables. This is not the usual bored or restless kind of waiting that is a denial of the present and

that I spoke abut already. It is not a waiting in which your attention is focused on some point in the future and

the present is perceived as and undesirable obstacles that prevents you from having what you want. There is a

qualitatively different kind of waiting, one that requires your total alertness. Something could happen at any

moment, and if you are not absolutely awake, absolutely still, you will miss it. This is the kind of waiting Jesus

talks about. In that state, all your attention is in the Now. There is none left for daydreaming, thinking,

remembering, anticipating. There is no tension in it, no fear, just alert presence. You are present with your

whole Being, with every cell of your body. In that state, the ÒyouÓ that has a past and a future, the personality

if you like, is hardly there anymore. And yet nothing of value is lost. You are still essentially yourself. In

fact, you are more fully yourself than you ever were before, or rather it is only now that you are truly


Eckhart Tolle