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Thread: SOE Build Up?

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    Cool SOE Build Up?


    I love reading

    this forum, and I have done a lot of research of the posts. There is an issue that I am unclear about. Do you think

    I have build up of SOE?

    Sorry about any spelling or format mistakes, I am actually posting this from my cell


    Male 25, Los Angeles
    5'8'', 165 lbs.
    Not to sound cocky, but above average looks and


    Background: I have ordered a few years ago, but at that time I did not read directions and was

    caught up in the women falling from the sky theory. I purchased PI and excite wipes. I know, PI was dumb, but the

    excite wipes actually worked. I saved them and recently single, found them but they were all dried up (bad


    So I placed another order. I purchased 7 SOE gel packs. It came with a sample of Perception and TE


    Wow this is taking a long time to type on my cell.... sorry, computer is packed.

    I am at work during

    this experiment except for the last few days.

    Day 1: Perception : No response

    Day 2: SOE gel (1/2) : two older

    girls in line at whole foods during lunch made excuses to talk to me (this is where I got my faith back in

    pheromones, this is fun), and a girl outside while eating asked me directions and didn't want to leave. No

    noticeable response at work.

    Day 3: SOE gel, same as above, BUT almost negative responses. Girls wouldn't even

    make eye contact at Whole Foods. No response at work.

    Day 4: TE gel (1/2 gel), same as day 3. then end of day,

    mixed in half of SOE. Still no response.

    I am aware that the locations I am in are bad.

    Day 5: Half of SOE gel

    at a party, eye contact and convo with one, but not others. This might not have been the gel because I was working

    hard to get this girl talking. I had to leave early though. Then went to a small concert, refresh of SOE and added

    some TE, nothing positive, nothing negative. One girl and I had fun dancing, then we all got food and she wouldn't

    make eye contact.

    Day 6: SOE at movies, not a good example. then curious I put on some more TE and went to a

    strip club. All that happened was I spent money and felt really dirty when I left, but I guess that has nothing to

    do with this.

    All of these gel packs are scented. even smell good when mixed.

    I just placed an order for NPA (

    I know I need to be careful because of the none which I am sure I have plenty), but I really wanted to try my luck

    with SOE and NPA. Just for fun. Not only fun, it is taking my mind off of the fact I was just dropped from my long

    time live in girlfriend.

    It hasn't even arrived yet nor have I had a lot of success with my last orders, yet due

    to the excitement of the board, I am probably placing an order for unscented SOE roll on and maybe APC or Chikara.

    Maybe both. Damn I spend a lot here Bruce, good job!

    So, do you think I am not getting responses because of

    environment, time, or even build up?

    Is it possible to build up on SOE if it is stand alone?



    You have no idea how much this was a mistake to write this from a cell, I bet I have carpal tunnel


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    First of all, welcome to the forum

    and WOW that is a lot of typing on a cell phone. You must have a better format for that than I do.

    Next, great

    post.... thanks.

    Next, yes, you can get build up from SOE, but Edge is much more likely to be the cause if that

    is the problem. The big question is "can you smell the aNONE and aRONE after the fragrances die down?" I am rather

    conservative with my applications, but I generally only apply to wrists when experimenting, so I can monitor the

    various smells. It starts as fragrance, transforms to a blend of fragrance and pheromone smells and ends up being

    only pheromones. At that point if you have applied lots of product(s) and maybe have some natural BO emerging, you

    could have some overload problems. Some folks apply fragrance at this point.

    To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.

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    You're using up your

    stuff way faster than you should be.
    Both SOE and TE gels have three or more healthy applications per pack.

    Using half-packs of these two means you're likely wasting not only money and time, but WORST of all - Potential


    The following are guidelines:

    SOE Gels - 1/4 to 1/3 pack per application
    AE Gels -

    1/4 to 1/3 pack per application.
    TE Gels - 1/5 to 1/4 pack per application
    Chikara Gels - 1/3 to 1/2 pack per

    Perception Gels - 1/2 to 1 pack per application

    At your age you might want to go with even

    LESS than 1/5 of a pack when it comes to the TE gels. If you're producing a lot of Androstenone naturally (a trait

    not uncommon in 25 year-olds), just a little TE can put you over the top.

    Remember too, when you're

    combining products, that the Androstenol in the SOE gels will convert to Androstenone over time. That converted

    A-Nol, added to whatever amount of A-None you've applied, can also put you into OD territory.

    Use less.

    Score more!

    You may be able to "re-hydrate" those dried up wipes by putting about a half teaspoon of

    water into the packet, tossing the (opened, but still wrapped) packet into a ziploc baggie, squeezing out the air,

    and leaving it sealed for a day or two. That way you'd get whatever was still on the wipe as well as whatever may

    still be on the inside of the wrapper.
    Sounds like it's worth a shot anyway!


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    SoCal, I really liked those excite

    wipes. It's a dirty,filthy,rotting shame they are no longer available.

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    Oscar is right. You are

    using too much - esp. the TE. You were probably ODing on 'none.
    Use smaller quantities and work up. Bruce will

    love you all the same.

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    I think you are all right. Sadly,

    this means that my body wont let me experiment the way I wanted to (which is probably a good thing).

    So does

    this mean I should take the NPA and AE packets which are probably in my mailbox now and see if I can exchange them

    for other nol products?

    I do want SoE roll on and maybe Chrikera. But if you think my body chem just isnt ready

    for this stuff, I can hold off too.

    I think I am just rather caught up in the excitment of a uknown tool.


    do you think I should keep the NPA and experient with very low doses?

    Thanks all.

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    Default Baby, take a good bath and rest for a week!

    Slow down young stud............

    Take a rest and let your nose return to normal. If you

    put on all those fragrances, you are liable to damage your sense of smell and have no idea that you stink to

    high heaven.

    Have a good old fashioned bath with some Ivory soap and get all that love juice off of you. Then

    start back up with your mones slowly after a week and see how things go.

    Like all the seasoned veterans

    are telling you young guys; you have tons of natural mones already. No need to load up on more.



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    Sounds like a lot and plus

    you need to scrub with an anti-bacterial soap in the areas where you use it.

    Probably need to take a day or two

    off as well.

    As the others said, being young you probably have enough -none.

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