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    Default 1st hit ever. IN like months and months

    Well, got my first hit from a gorgeous 5'5 blondie caucasian lady.

    Was walking into pet center to

    get my doggy some bone treats and food. As soon as i walk in, she stares me down. THan as I"m about to walk out,

    she smiles and engages me in conversation about doggies. hehe. All the while, touching my arm, telling me how i

    shouldn't call my puppy a dumb critter, and maybe we could walk our dogs together.

    1st freaking hit ever. Omg

    mang. Took forever.

    Used 7 sprays of Chikara. If this is what it takes to get a hit.....a hit is freaking

    expensive. lol. 7 sprays?? damnnnn.

    Is this normal?? I'm thinking about buying that chikara/npa combo

    that's out there right now. HOw's that work?

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    Talking Yippee! Ain't it sweet, tho?

    Hey bro,

    absolutely play with the mixes NPA/CHIK would be a good blend from everything I've read so far.

    I've tried Chikara as a stand-alone (the entire bottle cuz I liked the smell so much), but all it got me was

    chit-chattiness, friendliness and some smiles.

    When I use AE/m + SOE I get some nice hits consistently and phone

    #s + dates. The best sexual hits I've gotten so far were on a mix of Andro 4.2 + WAGG + SOE. I loved that mix (came

    upon it accidently), but damn, the chicks were just blatantly sexual.
    (It was like a happening party - with the

    chicks ready to rock!)

    Amazing stuff - mones, that is. Really puts an ace up your sleeve if you have

    something going for you already.

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