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    Default Question: Mixing Pheros directly with other products

    I really enjoy the scent of Pheros by Dr.SmellThis. I am considering mixing Pheros directly

    with other products in an atomizer. My questions for the experts are:
    1. Given the particulates in Pheros and the

    fact that you need to "shake well before using", is using an atomizer really a good idea?
    2. Would it be a good

    idea to mix Pheros with an oil based product like A-314 or WAGG-N, or a little of both. (If you can see where I am

    going with this.)
    Thanks for any insights.

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    I never mix products. Instead I

    apply them seperately. Pheros is a great product and covers things well.
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    I don't have a

    direct link to this, it's from one of the long Pheros threads, which I copied to my drive for further reference

    (sorry I didn't save the names of the posters to attribute the comments to):

    I mixed up two small

    batches yesterday:

    Pheros/SOE 1:1
    Pheros/TE/m 5:3

    I had put some SOE and 1d SPMO on my wrist then

    added one dab of Pheros.... I really liked the way the scents blended, so I mixed some in a vial. The 1:1 ratio

    pretty much eliminates the strength of each product and caused it to fade almost completely within a 1/2 hour

    Time to try 2 or 3/1 ratio

    I haven't tried the Pheros/TE/m yet. I'll try it tonight and see if that

    ratio needs to be raised as well.

    Anyone else experimented with mixing this incredible scent with your other

    products yet?

    Been meaning to write this up.

    Friday, a group of us went to see the Rangers

    trounce Anaheim. I wore three dabs of Pheros and about 4" of SoE. It wasn't hot out but the sun was brutal so we

    were all sweating a bit. I sat between my SO and a nice looking woman of about thirty years old. As time passed, she

    got progressively friendlier, even followed my to the snack bar. While we were in line she started up a conversation

    then asked about my cologne. Kept telling me how great I smelled and how pleased she was to have met me (4-5 times).

    Throughout the rest of the game she seemed to always be touching or rubbing against me.

    It was pretty

    uncomfortable because I was with somebody else but it was a definate hit.


    I have been mixing

    it with the regular SOE at the moment.... I really like the way the scents blend together when applied

    seperately..... but when mixed in a vial, they seemed to lose something.


    First, I really

    appreciate the honesty, and am just soaking everything up and learning. I will continue to work on my pheromone

    perfuming. As Bruce says, not everyone is going to like the same cologne. I don't have a problem with Pheros being

    judged for it's reactions from others. (though I'm not sure what I think of the term "hits") It was designed to go

    beyond just smelling good. We've had lots of reports of positive reactions, thankfully. But it is more complicated.

    Pheros certainly has some things in it that are "socially and psychologically active", for lack of a better word.

    What it has in it is a smattering of natural compounds, some pheromone analogues from perfuming, and trace amounts

    of L-S pheromones just to humanize it. So the task is to find a way to use it with other products. That will be

    different for different people.

    Because of all that, I think it is possible to either misuse it, OD, or for

    it to clash with someone's body chemistry, or other pheromones. It is an unknown substance, to some degree, even

    for me. It might be good not to use it every day in large quantities, just like for -none. I for one am not going to

    underestimate the ingredients, regardless of whatever job I did with blending them. The strongest "hits" I have ever

    gotten have been associated with some of the ingredients in Pheros, whether in conjunction with L-S mones or by

    themselves; and I would be very dissapointed if I could not continue to use these ingredients. The last two women

    that took me home took me home when I was wearing Pheros itself, BTW.

    I have noticed a certain reaction

    sometimes that is similar to a -none OD, possibly due to accumulated levels of other things I had been applying, or

    to too much Pheros. But it has been mostly positive. Other times I have gotten away with wearing a lot of it, sort

    of like with -none. But perhaps a 275lb ex-football player would be more susceptible to "-none OD type reactions" as

    compared to others. Pheros is quite animalic, compared to other perfumes, and therefore might not be as appropriate

    for someone who was already very animalic. Who knows, at this early stage. Similarly, it's quite possible that one

    cannot just mix one's usual levels of pheromones in with the stuff. My use of -none, for instance, has gone down

    since using Pheros, though I still use Edge and PI on most days. I can think of some particular ingredients in

    Pheros that have some -none-like qualities.

    So, jdm, my advice (not that you're asking for it) would be to

    look at the undesired reactions you are getting from women and figure them out. Is it like a -none OD, for instance,

    when you wear Pheros? Do women ignore you or act inimidated and repulsed? What other products, and how much, are you

    wearing? Maybe your negative experience with hits these last 2 weeks can actually provide clues to unravel some of

    the "mystery" here.

    What I will say is that I don't believe the name was misleading (and not just because

    the name means "king", rather than pheromone), as there are more ways to think about pheromones than is typical here

    at love scent. It has like 10 "analogue pheromones" synthesized by fragrance chemists for example, and here I am

    referring to neither EOs nor animal ingredients. It also contains as much of the animal ingredients as I could get

    away with (without ruining the smell -- they are quite strong), which are pure mammalian animal pheromones,

    obviously. Then it contains small amounts of almost every L-S pheromone sold, including various secret ingredients

    you all are familiar with. Pheros also has an erotic spirit to it, I think. So all that justifies the name.

    Perfuming has it's own attractant and pheromone traditions that predate all the L-S -mones by years, decades, and

    in some cases, millenia. They are not in competition with the L-S -mone approach at all, but just represent

    different opportunities we have at our disposal.

    Honestly, I use a little Pheros on most days, but it is not

    the only scented product I use. Still, I like having it, and it would be one of the things I would buy (indeed I

    spent thousands making it, before knowing I would for sure sell it) because of it's unique effects and natural



    I mixed some new NPA in with my Pheros (3/4 Pheros, 1/4 NPA) the smell was

    completely covered with a little shaking. I stored it in an empty A-1 bottle I had (I don't want the cork to spill

    out and it refuses to stay in.) I let everything settle for a day or so (not that it matters)
    I am also in the

    cult of A-1 and I believe it is the best and most effective pheromone on the market so I can't throw anything A-1

    related away. But anyway...

    I had a ridiculous amount of hits on Saturday, one of the best nights of my

    life. I literally had girls dripping off me. I don't have the time to sit down and document everything, but I

    attended the LS formal (essentially the prom for 20-somethings) with my two dates (one of them is hands down the

    hottest girl in LS, I'd say a more attractive version of Jennifer Garner.) Just wow, all over. I wish I could share

    the pictures (including one with six drop dead gorgeous girls crowded around kissing me on various parts of my

    face.) One of my dates was the most beautiful girl I have *ever* seen in person, and she might be the sweetest as

    well. The fact that I am even in her universe is appalling to the rest of the world (and I certainly didn't make a

    lot of friends with the males when I took home 5 girls in my mustang.)

    Anyway, I applied 6 drops of the

    NPA/Pheros mix before the formal (around 5:30) and reapplied 3 drops (and a drop of AE behind each ear) before we

    hit some more nightclubs around 1:00 AM.

    Pheromones work.


    I'm a sucker for a good hit

    report and JDM's was a good one so I tried it out. DAMN!

    For different reasons I put Pheros into a

    different bottle too. I was concerned that as cool as the bottle was, it wouldn't allow Phreos to get mixed all

    that well when shaken. To my nose I think I was right. The "old guy" scent was not noticeable to me at all out of

    the new bottle. The fragrance is deeper and richer with lots more texture. It's even more mysterious to me now. It

    still morphs and is very, very sexual.

    I shouldn't be using mones right now but I couldn't help myself. I

    did the 3:1 mix with NPA/m. I'm not looking for overt sexual hits. I just want something that will break down

    natural social barriers that restrain open honest communication. I want something that opens doors wide so that the

    person I'm interested in will allow herself to get to know me. Once the door is opened nature and the sexual

    aspects of mones along with my own sexuality and experience will do their work. That's my thinking anyway.

    To date this is the most POWERFUL mix I've used. Damn! I mean, DAMN!!! You can see it in peoples eyes. Both

    male and female. They are drawn to you. They are calmed by your presence. They open up and want to communicate with

    you. I can easily see why JDM had such a good experience with it. It will be awhile before I can put it to the test

    on a sexual level. No decent prospects where I live except for one recently separated young women I've had my eye

    on for the last 15 years. I'm worming my way in but it's going to take some time. This mix might speed things up


    I wrote the above Friday night and was unable to post it. Saturday I went to a local bar to have

    dinner. I was wearing the mix. Only about two dabs on pulse points. The bar was very slow and there were lots of

    empty seats. I was just finishing my meal when a woman walked in. She could have sat just about anywhere she wanted.

    She even new some of the people there and could have sat with them. She made a bee line to the empty chair next to

    me. I started a convo with her just after she sat down. We had a great chat. I could see she was a very open and

    outgoing person to begin with but still. We talked for about an hour then I had to split. I have a feeling I'll be

    seeing her at the bar next Saturday. Same time, same station. We'll see. I still have some of the mix on from a

    romp to the store. I can't stop smelling it. This is GREAT stuff folks!

    So it looks like the 4:1 NPA angle

    is one way to go with it, converting it into a homemade "scented Edge". Reminds me of an "updated" JB mix. I wonder

    if a little unscented SOE might be good in there, too. A1 and WAGG should eventually be tried as well. Remember,

    this is different than ordinary cologne mixing, by design (thinking like a forum member), due to the organic

    ingredients and "holistic pheromonic environment". Unexpected results could occur as your mix matures due to

    reactions with the added pheromones.
    Great post from both Ash and DST. By the time I reply to DST's post, he

    will have probably already edited out the 4:1 ratio thingy (dst - ash did 3:1).

    My question is, if Pheros

    where's off like some claim, does it adequetly cover NPA?

    So far it seems to me like it doesn't "wear off"

    very much at all, but rather that some people's noses get fatigued to the musky part that lasts. This is a

    characteristic of musk, similar to the phenomenon of getting used to your own personal smells. Yet some are smelling

    it a day later. Mixing with NPA is a new thing (although I suggested at the beginning the two should go together) so

    we'll see. It's possible the overall scent even improves with the mixing. Musky smells mix well together in


    BTW, thanks for pointing out the error, bjf. The NPA is 1/4 of the total mix after mixing, as in

    the Edge Essentials products. I like JDM's Pheros mix for it's simplicity; as average optimum doses (2-4 dabs, a

    la Ash, although JDM used 6 and reapplied 3!) and uses for Edge-strength LaCroy products have already been figured

    out for the most part.

    I have mixed it with both scented and unscented SOE at 1:1 and 2:1 Pheros / SOE

    ratios and it seems to counteract the scent of Pheros. I have asked 3-4 people on each test and all have agreed that

    Pheros smells much weaker and fades much quicker when mixed with or applied next to SOE.

    I love the smell of

    Pheros and regular SOE with a drop of the SPMO mixed in.... it just doesn't last as long as I'd like it to.... Oh

    well, its still a great mix IMO
    Not being a big fan of NPA, I really liked the 3:1 ratio of

    Pheros/NPA mentioned in the quote.

    Not familiar with WAGG-N, but I do have WAGG and IIRC, isn't that alcohol

    based? As for mixing Pheros with A314, I think I would apply that separately. According to the manufacturer, Alpha

    A314 has been formulated for slow release. Directly mixing it with other products may change the qualities of A314.

    I'm like Bel and don't do much mixing in bottles, though that was my plan when I first dove into this

    hobby big time. If you do decide to mix, get a bunch of small vials from an herb store or somewhere, so you can mix

    small batches and not ruin the "mothership" (to quote Geoggi). Remember, Pheros is a very limited gift to us. Once

    it's sold out, there will never be another chance to buy it again.

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    Thanks IP for the GREAT post.

    That was some of the info I was looking for ...

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