know it is usually not done here that people post their 'hits' without mones, but I have several reasons for doing

First: I have never used pheromones in my life. I have my APC/NPA combo on the way and while I do not doubt

from reading on this forum that mones are effective, I am curious as to how much of that effect is due to the

placebo effect.
Second: In order to step up my game, since I am sure that there will be a noticible effect that

will at least slightly alter the way people perceive me, I told myself I was wearing pheromones yesterday in an

effort to a) simulate the placebo effects of wearing the mones so once I start wearing them, I can have a better

idea of what hits are due to the mones and what hits are due to the way I'm acting because I believe I am a newly

awakened sex god with -none; and b) help my image in transitioning from what it was before to what it will be once I

start wearing -none. I am worried people who know me will notice an abrupt change in the way they perceive me once I

start wearing the -none and I do not want this to happen, so I decided to try acting the part prematurely in an

effort to have my friends see me in a kind of new light so it is not as sudden when they all start finding

themselves attracted to me.

I know that was a little bit complicated so thanks for bearing with me.


I am a 5'8" 20-year old male of Jewish descent (ancestors coming within the last 6 generations from Russian and

Romania, but its anybody's guess where they came from before that). I've always felt that I was lacking something

intangible in the way of game, because women often don't react to me, or act like I'm not there or they don't

want to acknowledge me. I don't exactly dress uber-nicely, usually just the ol' jeans and tshirt deal. I think I

used to be above average looking, but a combination of factors has probably led to that being not so true any more

(receding hairline, the beginning of man-tits, nose getting bumpier, and body hair all over - all within the last

few years). Maybe I'm still above average. I have a serious baby-face that women tend to react to kindly when they

see it, but not when you're hitting on them, which is why I think my hotornot pictures got an 8 and a 7.7 (that and

hotornot is somewhat random or based on things besides looks anyway [these pictures of me are a little over a year

old anyway]) I believe my signature is very high in oxytocone, below average in -nol, and almost devoid of -nones

and -rones. I will be getting to a lot more of this in another thread as well.

So last night a friend of mine

was having a party at her house, and so I had requested to have the night off at work in advance. I worked from 4 PM

to 8 PM, and instead of taking a shower when I got off like I normally might, I kept the undershirt I had from work

on, took a 2-hour nap, then put on a Simpsons shirt over it, threw on some pants, and went out. I biked there, since

I don't have a car now, and I'm sure the excercise got my body pumping out some more of my signature 'mones than

it normally does.

I was disappointed when I got to the party to find only 6 girls there (I'll call them by

their first initials: A, C, L, N, S, and Z) all of whom I already know. L and N are the only two who don't have SOs

and I'm not at all interested in them (as anything more than friends). A and I(me) have had what I've considered

to be sparks in the past (physical only, I wouldn't date her), but she is bisexual and in a relationship right now

with S, a lesbian friend of mine who is leaving town tomorrow to go back home (she was visiting for a few days, but

they of course are going to maintain their relationship long-distance until S gets back when school starts up

again). I think S is a pretty cool girl and was happy to see her visiting. Also, I would never want to hurt her by

making a move on her girlfriend, which I know would otherwise be favorable for me (if they weren't dating

definitely). I had met Z on New Years '05/'06 at my friend N's and picked up that she was attracted to me when

she was describing how she had recently taken a blowjob workshop at a local liberal arts college. I haven't talked

to her since, though, because she went to school in New Orleans last semester, where she has a bf now (from NO), who

was here with her at the party last night.

What I was surprised by was the way she (Z) was acting towards me

(despite her bf being right there). I have been paying more attention to body language since starting to read the

posts here and I was picking up some minor body language from her for a while since my entrance (although I never

even greeted her bc I was a little out of breath from the bike ride). At one point I struck up a conversation with

her boyfriend, who seemed like a pretty cool guy, and probably more attractive then me, but also shorter. Anyway, a

little bit later, I was talking with my (guy) friend Ma, and was telling him about how I was working at a movie

theater now for $5.15 an hour. He is a manager at a restaurant and was telling me he could get me a job there after

the summer for $5.25 + tips. After he finished telling me about that, I leaned over to read his shirt, and he told

me it said Las Vegas, that his parents had got the shirt for him. Now keep in mind that throughout this whole

conversation Z was standing nearby, talking (I think) to her boyfriend. When we got on the topic of Las Vegas I was

telling him about how I had wanted to visit LV for a long time, but it was probably one of those places I would

never actually get around to visiting, "because really the only things to do there are gamble and buy hookers." He

said something about prostitution being illegal and we got on the topic of the legality of it (my sentiments --

"it's just another way for the govt. to infringe upon our individual rights"). So then I blurted out, "I wish

prostitution were legal because then I for damn sure would be making more than $5.15 an hour." At this point, Z

breaks off whatever conversation she may have been having, turns to me seeming very friendly, and says "How much are

you charging?" I actually ignored her question bc her bf was right there and he was not seeming very happy, and I

would never want to be responsible for messing up another couple's relationship. Had she been single, I would have

been like "for you, a discount: $50" Of course I would have done her for free, but it's good to be cocky. Anyways -

MAJOR 'hit'.

Later in the night, S, who is a musician was playing some of her songs on her guitar. A (her

girlfriend) was holding a microphone for her while she was singing, but she was looking at me almost the whole time

and there was a lot of eye contact between us (I mentioned I have felt for a while that there was physical chemistry

between us, so this was not really unusual). C (who is incredibly hot) was pretty much unfriendly to me the whole

time -- like she usually is more or less (she has a bf). Other than that, everyone was pretty friendly to me, but

nothing too unusual.

Had I been wearing mones though (besides my own), I'm pretty sure I would have attributed

a few of those things to the mones (especially Z's comment, which really was pretty inappropriate and unexpected

considering her bf was RIGHT NEXT TO HER).

Now I'm wondering how I'm going to determine what effects (if any)

the APC/NPA combo I'm going to be wearing is having on the people around me, and what effects are just placebo, or

due to my own behavior change because I think I'm wearing mones. Again, I pretty much 'believed' I was already

wearing 'mones while I was at the party last night, and looked at everything with that mindset. How do you tell

which behaviors in other people are due to 'mones and which ones are just natural reactions to the way YOU are