Hey Guys!

Guess what. I just recieved a gel pack from Bruce, a sample packet...but only one.

I've bought Chikara 2 weeks ago as well, the bottled version, but I haven't seen any strong rections from


TOnight, I had a shower and smacked an entire CHik gel pack on my neck, chest and arms..and my god... I

got my first hit on my gf.

I sat next to her and within 2 mins, she was going all drowsy and smiley, similar

to what reaction one would get when high on alcohol. Then she started hugging me and leaning her head on my shoulder

with a big smile on her face.

I thought she was sleepy but she said no.. she said " i feel so comfortable ".

My god it's almost like a SOE effect but I've never experienced this from SOE before. It's SO effective. Imagine

if i could just find a way to slip in some -none , what effect it could have. I guess this was a big OD on Chikara

which worked to my favor. I've tried tons of pheros on my gf but nothing much happened.

I'll write

tomorrow when I have more time about my Chikara spray + TE Heat combo at the club last night with different girls.

In the meantime, BRUCE!!! HOW CAN I GET MORE CHIKARA GEL PACKS?? It's more effective than the spray! I want

to buy some more.. Ive only got one pack from you.



PS: tried

perception gel pack too. Half pack, and also 1 full pack. Zilch. My gf said I stank . must be the -none. But I have

yet to try it with other girls. Will test further.