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    Default It\'s not working

    I bought PA and mixed it with m cologne. I sprayed my cologne on and went to work just to see what would happen and you know what? Nothing. Nothing at all. What am I doing wrong? Why isn\'t it working? No smiles, no flirtatious looks, nothing. Why?

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    Well if this is your first time using pheros you should have tried a different blend like the edge or andro 4.2, the problem with the phero additive is that you have to add it in the right proportions or else it won\'t work. because it could be too much or too little.
    I use the edge+ae combo I have only used it 3 times and I can tell you I notice different attitudes, very subtle though, don\'t expect women to come and kiss you or say hi or something, sometimes they might say hi, depends on your luck.
    what I have seen:
    first day: 1 girl out of 5 became very talktative, I sat beside her in the cinema and became even more talktative and had the \"deer look in the highlights\".
    second day: the same girl talktative not as much as the first time, but the other girls were more talktative than first time, one told me 3 times in that day that my shirt was very nice, even though it was a crappy red t-shirt.
    day three: first time I applied the edge on my hair, went with other group of girls(three
    ) and I was the main target, they were very talktative and interested, even my friends who are more social and talktative couldn\'t keep up. Girls had an impression of \"this guy is handsome and cool\".
    Thats what I have lived so far and even though its subtle I notice it.

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    Default Re: It\'s not working

    I agree with tse.
    A. Pheros don\'t make women act irrationally. That is BS that you get at some of the pheromone sites, but what you do get is well worth the time and money it takes to get the hang of using pheros.
    B. It takes a while to find the right amount, spots on the body etc. to match your own natural pheromones.
    C. It can be a little tough changing the minds of women that have you strongly pegged, so work is not always the best place to gain confidence in pheros, though it can happen anywhere.
    D. Though the effects are immediate, you are always working the odds, rolling the dice. The pheros just slant them more in your direction. You need to roll those dice a few dozen times and keep your eyes open to see the difference.
    E. Lastly the only thing you could be doing \"wrong\" in my mind is looking grumpy. I call it the \"Clint Eastwood Effect\" (\"CEE\") If you are a little bit the lone wolf type, depressed or grumpy looking. (only women you know very well will tell you if you come off that way), I am convinced pheros will make it harder for women to get near you.

    There are many types of women in the world and many types of guys that they are subconsciously programmed to go after. In mind the best thing to do is to attract the kind of woman that is going after a healthy relationship with a \"healthy\" (mentally and spiritually as well as physically) kind of guy and the way to do that is to BE THAT KIND OF GUY. While you are on your own and \"still looking\" affords you the greatest opportunity to change yourself and be the kind of person you want to be.
    Good luck and don\'t forget to smile!
    (I just made a funny typo with that. I wrote \"Don\'t forget to smell\" Glad I caught it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: It\'s not working

    Hey Someguy,
    PA is Pheromone Aditive, right?
    Which one do you have the Old one or the New one?

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    Default Re: It\'s not working

    Some tips for Someguy... Don\'t worry Someguy, try using the pheros in lower amounts at first. Sometimes, using too much will backfire. Increase dosage only if necessary. It\'s only your first time using it. Check out the info on the website on usage tips, too. There you can find tips and tricks that will help you to use the pheros in the most effective way possible. Practice using the pheros also helps a lot. Show confidence, but not arrogance, and smile! Good luck!

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