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    Lightbulb The influences of Androstenone

    Human (Homo sapiens) responses to the pig (Sus scrofa) sex pheromone 5



    / 6&dopt=Citation


    studies have suggested that the pig sex pheromone 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one may function as a human sex pheromone.

    Two hundred male and female college students were assigned to one of four odor conditions (androstenone, methyl

    anthranilate, skatole, and a no-odor control) and were asked to rate photographs of a male stimulus and to rate

    their own mood in the presence of each odorant. There was a significant overall sex by treatment condition

    interaction. Men in the androstenone condition rated the stimulus male as more passive, and women in the

    androstenone condition rated themselves as less sexy; these effects were specific to the androstenone condition.

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